Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shower with a friend day

M loves to bathe. She doesn't care when or with whom, she just loves to be in the tub or shower. Yesterday morning she woke up soaking wet so I took her in the shower with me. She loves it when you hold her in your arms, so she can tip her head back and fill her mouth full of water. Then with a glimmer in her eye, she turned and spits it it at me. Then she laughs and laughs. We spent several minutes spitting water back and forth at each other until we were both laughing.

When I get out, I put a few more inches of water in the tub so she can play all by herself while I stand in the bathroom doing my hair and such. She LOVES to have the tub to herself. (When you're the youngest of three, you rarely get the chance to bathe alone, ya know). She loves to play with small sponge that found it's way into the tub. She sits at one end of the tub and wings it with all her might at the other end of the tub and if she does it right, it sticks to the wall. Of course, water flies EVERYWHERE in this process, but she still loves it and demands applause and cheers whenever she makes it stick.

After I get ready and give her a warning that it's time to get out, she generally protests. She has to stay in the tub until all the water goes down the drain. She prefers to lay face down, watching the drain, over and over saying "Bye Waaaerr, Bye Waaaerrr" until she starts to get cold. Then and only then, will she stand up and be willing to get out of the tub.

Of course no bath is complete until she's wrapped in a towel and held "baby" in my arms.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A's future

Today A wrote a letter to a boy:

Dear Z (I'm leaving his name out to protect the innocent. ;))
Can I marry you?
Can we change our name to turnnupseed?
Can we name our kids Ima and Youra?

Your fucher wife,

I'm saving it. 'Cause he really is "the one I want" for her. ;)

Please God??

Saturday, April 21, 2007


As if my love affair w/garage sales was not enough....I've discovered craigslist!

We've been on the hunt for more chairs for the dining room table and since the company stopped making them, I've struck out. Then on craigslist I found a table and SIX chairs (the number we needed) for a quarter of retail! We went today and are now the owners of 6 matching chairs and a spare oak dining room table. It's 5.5 feet long and extends to almost 12 w/all the leaves! Lots of room for school and for scrapbooking parties too!

So I have TWO giant tables. The new one will go in our school room when GS finishes the basement and builds said school room. Now....GS just needs to get started on that project. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What is wrong with this picture?

That's right. My normally never-sit-still-for-a-minute 2 year old is still in this picture. For once she's not a blur. I guess this is what happens when a small hyper one gets waylaid by two days of the runnies, a fever and a lovely case of vomiting too.

Notice tho, that her big sister Miss G has been taking VERY good care of her. M's sippy cup and cool new water bottle to the left, M's loveys near her face and a few assorted toys to the right. And at the top of the picture are G's water bottle and toys. That's where she was sitting so she could keep an eye on her little sis while they watched Dora together. Awww!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ode to my ToysRUs Visa

You've been such a dear friend to me for so many years. You've spent so much time in my back pocket, your numbers are practically imprinted on my butt cheek. Oh, the shopping trips we've taken and the dinners I've eaten out, courtesy of you. The ease with which I memorized your numbers to make using you when you were lying apart from me made my life SO easy. I think your 16 digits and 3 digit security code will forever be written on my heart.

But now...our relationship is over. Toys R Us sent me someone new today and I'm sad to tell you---you've been replaced by a Mastercard. I'm sure in time I'll grow as attached to this new, unfamiliar looking card as I am to you, but for now, my heart is sad as I feed you to the shredder.

Good 'buy' old friend.....

Deep thoughts

I hate rotavirus.

(need I say more?)

(I probably will later....when I'm done cleaning up after today. bleeeech!)

Updated later: I still hate rotavirus. I hate the smell, the mess, the frequency of the messes and the guessing---'which end next???'


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy hands

I'm part of a great online community of Christian moms from all over the world. Last weekend one of the women's toddlers had an accident and is in need of your prayers. His name is Knox.

Since my heart's been heavy w/thoughts of Knox and his family, I decided to do something productive. Here's what I came up with...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

They really need a dog.

Every night at dinner, it's the same conversation. A dog. What kind of dog we want. What we'd name it. Who'd take care of it. What we'd name it. Who it's friends would be. What we'd name it.

Right now it's a toss up between Vader (as in Darth), Solo (as in Hans), Crash (as in Daddy likes to fly), or Libby (Mommy's vote for her big hairy Newfie).

We'll keep ya posted. Mommy's getting a baby urge and we promised that the next time that happened we really would get a dog. Unlike last time when we accidently got Miss M instead. ;)

Friday, April 13, 2007

My own circus act

Tonight at dinner I stabbed a peach and with a perfect flip of my wrist.....

sent it sailing straight into the DaddyMan's mouth at the other end of the table.

Ya baby.... I'm good, I know it, I'm gooooood....

Tomorrow night---applesauce!

(Is it any wonder my kids have NO table manners?? :P)

I refuse to be superstitious.

So today's Friday the 13th and truly I'm not superstitious. I mean, I can't be since I believe in a sovereign God, ya know? But today when I was out at the McDonald's playland w/my friend and her three kids, some woman walking past our table got bumped by someone else and dumped her LARGE soda all over me. LOVELY! Splatters on my shirt, wet spots on my jeans and my shoes are I think, permanently sticky. :P This afternoon I'll be washing all of our coats as well.

Then I went to get gas. It was $2.85 on our way TO lunch but on the way home it was $2.92. And I think it's REALLY annoying that the price of gas is so bloody high and then you can only put $50 on your Visa in a single transaction! :P

And finally....we came home and I had to pee....BAD! So I tossed my keys onto the counter and they slid off and now are stuck between the counter and fridge. I need to figure out what I have that's long enough and skinny enough to reach into the crack and get them.
I think I'll just nap for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Scarred for life

Today as we were leaving Target, G said, "remember that time we were on the cart and you tipped us over?" Um... yeah, I do.

I remember how I let baby M sit in the seat of the cart and let the two big girls ride hanging on to the handle and stand on the bar underneath while I reached around them to push. I remember vividly walking down the slight incline from the store to the parking lot and feeling the front of the cart lift off the ground. I remember not being able to keep my big ones from sitting down HARD on the ground while still holding on TIGHTLY to the cart. I also clearly remember the look of total shock on the faces of the people in the car who were waiting to for us to cross.

Hopefully in the midst of all the really dumb parenting moments, they'll also remember the good things I did. I'd post about them, but at the moment, they're all escaping my memory too.

Tales from the crib

This is how M woke up this morning. I think she should keep her fingers out of her nose. Ah well...what's one more load of laundry. :)

Contacts are supposed to be round

This is what you get when you drop your contact down the drain while the water's running and the drain's not plugged. :(

The good side to this is that GS is very impressed with the ability I have to remove the U-pipe under the sink.

Sadly, the contact was stuck under the lip of the drain plug and it went CRUNCH when shut the plug to empty the U-pipe into the sink.

Hopefully today I'll be able to see again.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

They make me laugh

Today in the car, G (almost 5) was telling me about a friend of hers with 'frenkles' on her face. I love it....frenkles. I have frenkles. Mine get darker when I'm tan. ;)

Later, as we were driving home at 11:30 am, the girls started asking if we could eat out. I didn't really want fast food and told them as much so G suggested 'slow food' "you know, where we go in instead of eating in the car." Giggle...

The conversation continued into where we'd go for fast food. A (age 9) suggested McDonalds and sang their theme, "doo doo doot do do---I'm lovin' it!" to which M (age 2) responded "doo doo I love you"

I bought them fast food. I mean, what kind of mom would I be to NOT buy it for the two year old that can sing the theme song??

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Something new

I love reading other people's blogs. I love reading funny stories about other people's kids so why not start a place to share funny stories of my kids? Or talk about things in life that bless me or annoy me? Or post about things I've made or ideas I have or things that made me laugh today. I am.