Wednesday, April 4, 2007

They make me laugh

Today in the car, G (almost 5) was telling me about a friend of hers with 'frenkles' on her face. I love it....frenkles. I have frenkles. Mine get darker when I'm tan. ;)

Later, as we were driving home at 11:30 am, the girls started asking if we could eat out. I didn't really want fast food and told them as much so G suggested 'slow food' "you know, where we go in instead of eating in the car." Giggle...

The conversation continued into where we'd go for fast food. A (age 9) suggested McDonalds and sang their theme, "doo doo doot do do---I'm lovin' it!" to which M (age 2) responded "doo doo I love you"

I bought them fast food. I mean, what kind of mom would I be to NOT buy it for the two year old that can sing the theme song??

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