Saturday, May 26, 2007

For everything else.....

Cool headset for that snazzy pilot look---$125 on eBay

Lots of books to study from---$146

Hours of flight instruction--- amount equal to two family trips to DisneyWorld

Fulfilling your life's dream---PRICELESS

(I'm officially married to a pilot! WhooHOOO!)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh, crap.

Tonight I asked the children to do a 5 minute tidy. I pointed out a pile of crap in the corner that needed dealt with.

A dealt with it, "Here's one piece of crap, two pieces of crap, three pieces of crap....."


A proper English tea

It started like this:

But you know the tea party's over when instead of "More tea, please" you hear,

"Another round, bartender!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Simple Life

You know you're livin' the good life when the most excitment you've heard all day is your 5 yo watching Mr. Rogers and excitedly yelling, "Oooh look! Mr. Rogers has a vaccuum!"

I wonder if we need to get out more.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The DaddyMan is funner than me.

I went out for a while tonight (WhooHOOOO!) and the girls got to stay home with the DaddyMan(double WhooHOOOO!). When I came home, I went and kissed them all good night since they went to bed about 5 minutes before I got home.

I started at the top with A who kissed me and said, "We watched Star Wars!".
G kissed me and said, "Daddy let us watch STAR WARS!"
M said, "Mommy HOME!" (finally! One of them missed me!) and quickly followed that with "Daddy BOOM!" Boom would be what her big sisters taught her to call Star Wars.

And all the fun things *I* do with them pale in comparison.....

A day with M

What a day!

I was greeted by Miss M this morning who sauntered into the kitchen like a cowboy after A had turned her lose from her crib. Her diaper was half way to her knees and she reeked to high heaven. Before she smelled good, I was wiping poop off the kitchen floor. Ewww.

We had a busy morning and I was late putting the little girls down for their naps. M decided today was a good day to play in her bed instead of sleep in it, so she spent the next 90 minutes playing music, jumping in her crib and yammering. Oy. I like my afternoon quiet!

G got up from her nap and asked if she could go talk to M. I sent her upstairs to do so and told her I'd come let M out of the crib in a minute. Last week during my massive furniture rearranging spree, M's crib wound up in the middle of a twin bed frame that has no mattress. She kinda looks like she's in a double fence.

A few minutes later, both G and M came down the stairs. When questioned, G told me that M got out by herself. I knew she could sit on the crib's side rail ("Neigh NEIGH Mommy!" she's told me while demonstrating!) and I thought that was the best she could do. But apparently, now that she has the second layer of the twin bed's bedrail to stand on, she goes from riding the crib 'horse' to standing on the bedrail to climbing on out of the bed. ZOIKS! I'm still laughing that she wasted a good 90 minutes in her bed, but happily got down once someone entered to give her permission!

After naps, she smelled bad again. This time we wound up w/poop on the carpet. Ey yi yi!

Then finally....bedtime. The last week at bed and nap times, M's been saying, "Nite Nite Yell...UUUUG" (what she so fittingly calls G---LOL and 'ug' means hug). So when I'm TRYING to get her into bed, she wants to run and hug and kiss her big sister and THEN she'll go to bed. She pulled this tonight, which Daddy hadn't seen before. When she came back from her lovefest, he asked her "What about A??" I tried to convince him that she only hugs and kisses Yell, A/Sissy isn't part of this, but M decided to run off to 'ug' and kiss A while we chatted about this new part of the routine.

While M was off kissing her OTHER sister... G showed up and started kissing all the dollies goodnight that were in G's room. So...monkey see, monkey do.....M had to kiss them all too. While G carefully picked up and kissed each one, M chose to pick them up, "mmmmmack" on each one and then DROP them back to the floor! She's SO gentle with her babies! Not.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Someone had a birthday!

Friday was a big day here, as Miss G turned FIVE! She dawned her new shirt, specially bought for the occasion (okay, and because Mommy found it REALLY cheap! LOL) and set out for a breakfast and donuts (and garage saling, 'cause it was after, FRIDAY!). Then we picked up McDonalds for lunch and met some friends for a playdate at the park. It was VERY windy but you know, what's a little wind when you have friends, fun and cupcakes??

Next was a trip to the mall for birthday pictures and finally we came home to a birthday supper with some other friends. Followed by a CandyLand inspired cake. 'Cause you know....what's a little MORE sugar, after the diet you've had today??

Next came presents! Somehow I only managed to capture her w/the REALLY cool Princess dishes from Auntie Ro-oh-sie:

And the cool 'make me look like I can make a mess eating a platic popsicle' Cabbage Patch doll from us. When your sister's both have CPK dolls w/THEIR names, it's very hard not to have one w/a name similar to yours. So...Gabriella Sandra has come to live w/us. :P

She also got a COOL Dora MegaBlocks set (which was already being played w/by her sisters and friends in the last picture--you can see the remains of the paper...LOL), some Color Wonder, a book and more Playmobil. :) It was a great day! And my baby's FIVE! Sniff....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Just like her father

"Dad, can I borrow your nose hair trimmers??"

Sunday, May 6, 2007


"Is a booger a carb or a protein?"

"How do you burp in Redneck?"

Friday, May 4, 2007

Hypothetically, of course....

If you accidently put a SnackTrap thru the washing machine, can you consider it clean?

Will a Swiffer wipe serve the same purpose in the dryer as a Downy sheet?

Oh what a day I've had..... :P

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Oh to be a child again...

The girls' wonderfully generous great grandpa gave each of them $100 when they came to his birthday party. They both had been wanting American Girl dolls, so that's what they bought. The dollies came today. Oh, the squeals of joy!

G's was also a 'reward' for giving up thumbsucking. I'm SO proud of her--she's worked VERY hard to learn not to go thru life w/her thumb in her mouth! It's hard to believe that my sweet little one who found her beloved left thumb at about 3 months of age is still functioning without it. Sniff...

These are such pretty dollies. I wish I'd had one as a child. Think I should start collecting them now? I could sew them clothes and put on tea parties and take them in the backyard to play.....

naah....guess not. The neighbors would think I was loonie. And besides, I have children. :P