Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've lost my edge.

We've known for some time that Miss M can escape her crib-inside-a-twin-bed-frame contraption we put her to sleep in.

Tonight, she bumped it up a level, by deciding it was WAAAAY more fun to come down to see Mommy and Daddy than fall asleep.

You know she's coming because she laughs the whole way down the stairs. Notice how blurry this picture is and that the flash was off? It's because her laughter's contagious. I *tried* REALLY hard to put on the Grumpy Mommy face, but I just couldn't do it. I was bent over double laughing SO hard at this child.

I managed to eek out a small and apparently convincing Grumpy Mommy face and she gave back this one and tried to convince me that the owie on her foot is what brought her down. She should win an Emmy for this acting job.

I tried to herd her up the stairs, which is hard when you're a)laughing and b)trying to capture this moment w/your camera. She KNEW she was too cute to resist.

Notice the smiles?? She's VERY proud of herself!

Finally I got her back into bed and caught her getting out several more times. Eventually I stopped laughing and gave her the Grumpy Mommy voice. Look at what THAT caused.

Even tho her face LOOKS pititful, you'll be happy to know that she was blinking hard to make her tears fall, saying 'EEHHHHH' yet holding back a grin. So was I.


Journey of the Heart said...

That poor baby! You made her CRY!

Carrie said...

Ok this flat out made me LOL. First, the fact that my organized friend has a crib inside a bed frame cracked me up, as a matter of fact, still has me chuckling. Secondly her faces, your trying to seem so tough made me laugh yet again.

Your kids are so blessed to have a mommy that loves them enough to laugh with them, discipline them and photograph the whole episode. :D Love it!!!!!!!