Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Road trip!

We decided to make a quick trip back to God's country, since GS had a job to do there. We stayed at Mr.Scott and Miss Carrie's and played with their troup of 5. My kids LOVE to go visit them and danced w/joy when they found out where we were going.

The girls LOVE the backyard at Scott and Carrie's. They have fun toys...like a zipline which G LOVED!

Here's M and the amazing and Godly woman she's named for. Two peas in a pod they are!

After a busy grubby day playing, you need a bath. Rub a dub dub, the three smallest in the tub!

Here's G the puppy (why are there so many pictures of G you ask? Why I have NO idea--she likes to pose the most? Because A was off playing w/the big kids?? I don't know and just NOW noticed this trend! DOH!)

The really funny thing in this picture? Notice Carrie's hand, keepin' little A modest. ROTFL!!

The other things my girls love, is Amos. Here's M demonstrating just what a good boy Amos is. Wouldn't this be a great picture if only I hadn't whacked off her sister's head in the picture? Oh yeah, that'd be the sister I didn't get any pictures of! Whoops!

Wow! Look at this great picture! M, E, I and big A. What a good picture I caught! Even Amos is looking at the camera! Too bad this isn't all of one family or the other 'cause it's Christmas card material! ;)

A loose tradition at our get togethers is to stuff all 8 kids on the couch and snap a photo. This is ALWAYS an adventure. When they complain about being crowded, I just remind them that they're going to be a LOT more crowded 20 years from now when we make them do this! This time I think I got some ESPECIALLY good pictures. I know I laughed out loud.

One out of 8 looking cute. We're off to a good start!

Aside from the demon possessed looking one on the left and the blinker in the middle, this one's not bad. We're doing better.....

Okay, 4 blinkers in the middle, 4 cute kids and sheesh, who's kid is that with the REALLY big mouth?!?! Oh, right.....that one's mine.....

The look on Z's face in this one.... bwhahahaha!

This one can only be titled: Are We Done Yet? Notice the small one on the right, who's still acting like model material.

And finally, the one where we just give up and tell them to go ahead and make the silly faces they've been DYIN' to make......

Take special notice of H on the left. That girl...she's got talent!

We had so much fun! Thanks for everything!

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