Saturday, July 28, 2007


So this morning, my sister and I went garage salin'. We arrived at the first salw 30 minutes early and I was so busy watching what the guy was moving in front of the closed garage door that I bumped the curb. Oops!

Then we sat in front of their house for 15 minutes waiting for the sale to open. Most sales around here open a good 30 minutes early. This one, that sounded good, did not.

The sale WAS worth waiting for--Gymboree, Gap and even Hannas! I gathered up $46 worth of stuff and nice lady holding the sale went to the house to find me socks that matched one of the outfits I had. I walked to my sister and borrowed $20 from her, tucking the money back in my pocked so I could look at some other things with two hands.

The nice garage sale lady came back, we bagged up my stuff, I asked if she'd call me the next time she had stuff to sell and she took down my name and phone number. Then we left. I was SO excited over the great things I had just found and was telling my sister just how good of deals I got as we drove away (she doesn't get as excited about kids clothes as I do. :))

On the way to the next sale, I got lost. So I pulled two U turns and were finally going the right way when my cell phone rang.

GS says, "I hear you're a thief!"
"What??" I respond.
"Some woman named Jenny just called that you were at her sale and.....", he continues.

I grab my pocket, feel the wad of cash and go, "OH NO!! I didn't pay her!!"

Yeah....I had to go back to the sale, apologize for being an idiot and give her the $46. :BLUSH:

(but did I mention the great stuff I got???)

I forgot to pay the bill?

Tonight the power went out. It was still light enough to eat and see, but rather humid without the AC.

I sent G to the bathroom and she flicked the switch. Obviously, nothing happened.

"Mom, we runned out of lights!!"

(and no, I didn't really forget to pay the bill--our whole side of town was without power. :D)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Future juvenile delinquent

Today we were watching "Cars". There's a line where Mater says, "If anyone asks, tell 'em we were smashin' mailboxes." A asked if that was like cow tippin' so I explained to her what it was.

So A informs me that this sounds like a lot of fun. Um... I started in on the 'it's not considerate of others' lecture and followed it quickly with the "It's dangerous" lecture. I told her that the driver has to be careful not to crash and you'd have to really trust them so you don't fall out the window when you're trying to hit the mailbox.

Her response?? "I trust you, Mom!"


Yesterday evening we went to the mall. The girls sat on the goofy rides, we got cookies at McDonalds and they got stickers at Gymboree. M loves the big stickers they give her there and she was having a ball sticking hers on various parts of her shirt and mine.

As we were walking across the parking lot---me holding bags and A holding her sisters' hands, a gust of wind blew M's sticker off her shirt. It took off ROLLING across the parking lot and M took off after it (way to go on the 'hold her hand' big sis!).

While she's chasing it, running serpentine after the amazing sticker that stayed on it's side and rolled along pushed by the wind, she's yelling, "Stop, Stop stickah! Stop Stickah STOP!". Since no cars were coming and this was the funniest thing I'd seen in days, I laughed! The big girls did too and took off after the little one and her 'stickah'.

Finally, as M was about frantic and now probably 40 yards away---A saved the day. She stomped the sticker like it was a giant bug and held up her shoe so M could peel her beloved stickah off the bottom. hero.

We laughed again and again at the memory of M and her wild stickah last night. It makes me wish that there was something as simple as a big stomp that would keep them like this and stop them from growing up any more.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm so blessed.

We're not Jewish.

Tonight we watched a M*A*S*H episode. It was the one where a Korean woman thought one of the 4077 doctors fathered her baby. While she was hanging out at the camp, it was time to circumcize her baby. A wanted to know what they were doing, so I told her that it was a covenant between God and Abraham and Jewish people do it to their little BOYS when they are 8 days old.

A--"Was I circumcized??"

Me--"Yeah, but they slipped with the knife."


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fire safety 101

GS asked the girls if they knew what to do when the smoke detector goes off.

A said, "Yell, Dinner's ready?"

He had to remind her that sometimes it goes off BEFORE the meal's truly ready.

Yeah, I'm loved. Tomorrow I'll vacuum out the oven.

Sunday brunch

G--"If you make me laugh, milk will come out my nose AND my ears."

Mommy--"Milk can't come out your ears."

A--"Stink! That'd be funny!"

The lesson

The burping lesson went something like this:

Student: How do you make them last so long?
Teacher: You have to hold it a little, back in your throat and let it out slow.
Student, concentrating hard: BRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP I'll be darned! She's right!

Yep...My 9.5 yo gave her daddy a burpin' lesson.

I'm so proud.

Garage sales!

I love garage/rummage/yard/estate sales. This week I've come home with:

Pampered Chef 9 X 13 stoneware pant
American Girl doll of the year Lindsay
Kitchan Aid 325 watt mixer

All for $100.50! Yeah baby!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ow! That bites!

Tonight at dinner, Daddy pointed out a sore on A's arm.

He asked, "Is that a mosquito bite?"

A responds, "Yeah, there was one flyin' around my room last night."

Daddy continues, "You know, only the girl ones bite."

Mommy interjects, "That's because they're the ones feeding their babies, while the daddies are off doin' something else."

A--"Oh, like flyin'?"

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Last night's dinner contained mushrooms. Funny how the kids who will eat half the mushrooms raw before cooked turn up their noses and say "EWWW!" after cooking.

A informed me that she was done and I told her she had to eat the one small mushroom and a few bites of rice (how's a Japanese kid NOT like rice anyway??).

"SIGH" is what she said.

I told her to just eat the dumb 'shroom and quit with the long suffering sighs.

Her response: "So can I do a short suffering sigh?"

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dreamer's a bad influence

G informed me over breakfast that she wishes her room was like Cael's in the movie "Dreamer". She wants a deck and a room whose window has no screen so she can climb out her window and go feed popsicles to her horse. I laughed and reminded her we don't have a horse.

She then ran off upstairs to play.

Minutes later, she was back and announced:

"I kinda pulled some things on my window and the screen fell out."

Me: "You pulled those things I told you not to pull?"

"Yeah and now my screen's in the flowerbed"

Me: "And you know this 'cause you stuck your head out the window to look"

"Yeah" :grin:

I think if we ever get a horse....I'm really gonna have to keep my eye on this one!