Saturday, July 28, 2007


So this morning, my sister and I went garage salin'. We arrived at the first salw 30 minutes early and I was so busy watching what the guy was moving in front of the closed garage door that I bumped the curb. Oops!

Then we sat in front of their house for 15 minutes waiting for the sale to open. Most sales around here open a good 30 minutes early. This one, that sounded good, did not.

The sale WAS worth waiting for--Gymboree, Gap and even Hannas! I gathered up $46 worth of stuff and nice lady holding the sale went to the house to find me socks that matched one of the outfits I had. I walked to my sister and borrowed $20 from her, tucking the money back in my pocked so I could look at some other things with two hands.

The nice garage sale lady came back, we bagged up my stuff, I asked if she'd call me the next time she had stuff to sell and she took down my name and phone number. Then we left. I was SO excited over the great things I had just found and was telling my sister just how good of deals I got as we drove away (she doesn't get as excited about kids clothes as I do. :))

On the way to the next sale, I got lost. So I pulled two U turns and were finally going the right way when my cell phone rang.

GS says, "I hear you're a thief!"
"What??" I respond.
"Some woman named Jenny just called that you were at her sale and.....", he continues.

I grab my pocket, feel the wad of cash and go, "OH NO!! I didn't pay her!!"

Yeah....I had to go back to the sale, apologize for being an idiot and give her the $46. :BLUSH:

(but did I mention the great stuff I got???)


Mary said...

LOL! Ange, you are too much!

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Yee Haw!!! Can't wait to see some of it on HK. Ü

Let's see... size 2, 4, 7, 8, and ... well she's too old for that stuff now. ;)


Carrie said...

At least you got the loot. You crack me up. Way to score my friend!

Laura Williams said...

Great g-saling! I had to laugh about the phone call. How embarrassing.

Journey of the Heart said...

Now THATS funny! Great that she had yer number eh? Wonder if she'll really call you?! ;)

Mama Em said...

That is really least you found out and were able to go back and pay...