Monday, July 2, 2007

Dreamer's a bad influence

G informed me over breakfast that she wishes her room was like Cael's in the movie "Dreamer". She wants a deck and a room whose window has no screen so she can climb out her window and go feed popsicles to her horse. I laughed and reminded her we don't have a horse.

She then ran off upstairs to play.

Minutes later, she was back and announced:

"I kinda pulled some things on my window and the screen fell out."

Me: "You pulled those things I told you not to pull?"

"Yeah and now my screen's in the flowerbed"

Me: "And you know this 'cause you stuck your head out the window to look"

"Yeah" :grin:

I think if we ever get a horse....I'm really gonna have to keep my eye on this one!

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