Monday, August 27, 2007

Such ladies......sigh

I spend most of each dinner saying things like:
"Use your fork."
"Take your fingers OUT of your milk."
"No elbows on the table."
"Use your fork."
"Sit down."
"Get your feet off the table."
"Use your fork."
"Take the beans OUT of your nose."
"Stop touching her."
"Wipe your mouth."
"Use your fork!!"

Last night's dinner highlights included an astonishingly big burp from G. She smiled proudly and announced, "Ooh, that was chunky." Her big sister looked on admiringly and the DaddyMan almost looked pleased with her as well. One of them told to to make sure she chewed it again and some comment was made about 'two meals for the price of one'. Ewww.

I shared that this conversation had made me throw up a little bit in my mouth and I couldn't believe how disgusting they all were! Sheesh...

A gave me some advice to help my situation:

"Sometimes when I burp stuff up, I just hurry and swallow before it hits my tastebuds and then it's not so bad."

She's wise beyond her 9.5 years.....


Stephanie said...

EW! That is nasty! Lol! My brother and I are grown adults yet when we see eachother (which is not often with him being in the airforce) we can't get through a meal with out some potty humor. I am afraid that bodily function humor never goes out of style!

Journey of the Heart said...

EWW EWW EWW! Seriously don't they have a boarding school for refining young women or something?

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

::sigh:: it's a never ending battle. I try to have a balance... remember my mother may come and eat with us some time... and remember how much I hated to go to the grandmothers house to eat. Joy with Manners. Is there such a thing?

Keep me posted!