Saturday, September 29, 2007

Men cook with fire. Women don't.

Tonight the DaddyMan was later getting home than I had hoped. So I put the rack of baby back ribs on the grill.

They caught on fire, which I put out, but one side was a bit um... charred. I was seriously bummed. I've been dreamin' of these baby backs for the last several days.

The DaddyMan came home and said they weren't THAT bad and enough bbq sauce would help (so would picking off the really charred pieces, I learned....).

As we were finishing up dinner, DaddyMan eyed his last rib. He announced, "Tonight's dinner makes me think of Joan of Arc."

A said, "She was burned alive!"

The DaddyMan smirked and A yelled, "OOOOH!! I get it!!"

Brats. They'd better take me out tomorrow night. And after all I do for them too!

The one where Angela rambles on and on.....

Today's garage sale report. :)

I didn't find anything too exciting today. I saw a lovely oak vanity for $20. I bought one for $15 a few weeks ago for G's room. It's still in the garage waiting to be primed and painted and have the seat recovered. Hopefully one of these days. The $20 one I saw today was, of course, ready to be on display. Oops.

At another sale I had a lovely chat w/the two women who were selling GOBS of buttons, some vintage things and an assortment of other goodies. I admired some china she had and she told me it was Haviland. Hmm.... that's what I bought earlier this summer. Hers was older tho, had only one dinner plate AND didn't match mine, so she still has it. She did give me an education on how to tell between the old and new stuff. Then I learned she was almost 91 years old! Wow... I would've guessed mid 70s....she was adorable and very nice. I wish she lived next door. I would love to hang out with her.

She also had on display some blue dishes and I had a flashback when I saw them. They're the dishes my mom had! They're white w/a blue fleur de lis pattern and you got them free w/a purchase at certain grocery stores. If someone had asked before, I couldn't have told you what dishes we had when I was a kid, but seeing those---I remembered! It was wild. My mom loved garage sales too.... did you know that??

The sale three doors down had some pretty vintage linens, but no pillowcases. (I LOVE the vintage embroidered pillowcases and have a nice stash of them.) I chatted with those ladies too (they were eating off the same Pfaltzgraf dishes my Grandma Bob had!). They told me their sale started yesterday (stupid paper printed it wrong!) and that YESTERDAY, they had a bunch of vintage pillowcases. Some guy bought them ALL! I was SO disappointed. :( Oh well...I probably didn't need 'em anyway....

I did buy some pretty silver plated silverware there tho! I'm excited to have a set w/more than about 7 spoons, which is what we have now. I don't know WHY we have plenty of knives and forks but the spoons are disappearing! My dryer doesn't eat socks but I'm starting to think the dishwasher eats spoons.

I'm off to put away my treasures. Have a wonderful Saturday. :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Music to a mother's ears

"Mommy!! Mommy! Stinky in potty! Yook!! YOOK!!"

--said by soon to be 3, Miss M this morning after doin' the deed in the potty for the very first time.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

More joy....

I call this little video that I shot this morning, "Hallelujah! His love makes me sing". You'll see why. More or less... LOL

And if you need a giggle.... or two..... G has some she can share.


You know how sometimes you have a really bad day? And everything goes wrong? And you spend the whole day admistering 'discipline', playing referee, thinking you're failing your poor homelearned kids who don't seem to get three digit multiplication and end the day by removing the toddler's doorknob because you're tired of breaking into her room after she locks herself in?? I HATE those days. That was my Tuesday.

On Wednesday...

God blessed me right off by giving me the book I need for my small group discussion. It's a $12 book on Amazon and it was going for that on eBay. But Wednesday morning at 6 am, I found it on eBay with a buy it now for $6.50 shipped. WhoHOO!

Then the DaddyMan called to tell me that his raise had finally gone thru. His raise amount? It covers our monthly van payment. Oh yeah.... God's good.

Today, A understood her multiplication. Of course if she'd write neater she'd be able to do the addition part of the problems correctly. :P

G had trouble during her reading lesson because her brain kept forgetting what sounds the vowels were supposed to make. The look she gave me showing her frustration gave me a 5 minute case of the giggles. It felt GOOD.

While the big girls were at church tonight, we took the mighty Miss M on errands. Wow... life with one is EASY! When we just had one, we thought it was hard. But going from 3 to one?? It's a cakewalk and it was SO much fun! I think she loved it too.

My day was wrapped up when we all went to bed at about the same time. The DaddyMan settled into bed and let loose with a man burp. From down the hall...... A responded with one of her own. GS laughed SO hard. For the next 15 minutes they took turns with the letters of the alphabet and just trying to see who could be louder. Finally, a tired little voice from another room yelled.... "Would you STOP????" You have to love laughter that comes from all sides of the house. :D

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today in Sunday School...

A (age 9.5) asked her Sunday School teacher, "When are we going to study hermeneutics?"

Before you think she's TOTALLY gifted (LOL), the DaddyMan taught her what it meant, which is good, because that's what her quick teacher asked her next. She told him it meant 'how to study the Bible'.

Me... I had to look it up so I could spell it correctly.... hermeneutics

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've been tagged!

Thanks to Mary.... I've been tagged. Do you know Mary? She and I are on a message board together and she's recently discovered a hidden love for sewing. She decided she liked sewing and has RUN with it. She sells her creations in a local boutique and dresses her little L in gorgeous mommy made designs.'s how this tag works..

1. Players must list one fact, word, or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of their first or middle name.
2. When you are tagged you need to write your own post containing your first or middle name game facts, word, or tidbit.
3. At the end of your post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag.
4. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them that they have been tagged, and to read your blog.
5. If I’ve tagged YOU (see below), please join in on the fun!

Amazing! I know, I know...but I had to start somewhere. I tend to think amazing thoughts. You know, like I can get up, surf the internet, finish a sewing project, mail eBay packages, make bread, do some school, put away laundry, shower and be out the door by 10 am. It's amazing that I think I can do so much in a day!

No need NoDoze: I'm a morning person and a little bit hyper. I get up around 5 am and run pretty much full steam ahead. I don't drink caffeine and I think I'd be obnoxious if I did. Or I'd REALLY get a lot done in a day!

Goofy: Yeah, I'm goofy. And it rubs off; have you met my kids? What a bunch of little cornballs they are. And the other night GS twisted the name of a Star Wars character so badly that I practically peed the bed 'cause I was laughing so hard.

Elegant: Oh, wait, I'm not. I'd like to be one of those all together moms who wears khaki pants, freshly ironed shirts and cool shoes, but I'm not. I'm real. I'm far more comfortable in layered tees and jeans. And there's probably a bit of something spilled on my shirt. Good thing there's not an S in my name. That'd be for Spiller.

Laughing: I love to laugh. I love to be with people who make me laugh and people occasionally call me to have me make them laugh. I have a twisted sense of humor tho, so look out.

A.D.D.: Okay so I've never been officially diagnosed, but I pretty miserably failed that online test for "Do you have ADD?". Perhaps that would explain all that trouble I got into in school, why I could've worked as a professional chair stacker for the hours I spent in detention and why, 16 years AFTER graduation, as I walked thru my high school with my niece, my French teacher heard my voice in the hallway and came out and said, "I thought I heard you out here!". Okay, maybe it's not ADD and maybe I just talk to much....but you can follow me while I try to clean my house and you'll probably be convinced that I do have ADD AND I talk too much.

Okay, I'm tagging Erica, Christa, Carrie, Debi, Stephanie, and Jennifer. Have fun ladies! :D Especially Stephanie and Jennifer--you have LONG names! LOL

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Good behavior?

The girls and I were gone all of last week and reuniting with the DaddyMan created some hyper little people. This caused the DaddyMan to ask, "Where you this badly disobeying in Iowa??"

To which A responded, "If we were badly disobeying, doesn't that mean we were bein' GOOD??"


Friday, September 7, 2007

Ewww, that's gross!

Tonight's dinner conversation consisted of The DaddyMan asking G, our favorite new kindergartener, easy math questions.

DaddyMan: What's 2+1?
G: 3!
DM: What's 3-1?
G: 2!!

Not to be left out, A, now a genius fourth grader interjected a couple of burps and a question of her own.

A: What's one burp plus one burp??
DaddyMan: GROSS!

A's response? "Huh-uh! That's 12 dozen!"

(Okay, truly, I'm guessing only my Uncle Tom will think this one's funny, but we laughed! LOL)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

No surprises.

The Bible tells us that God is sovereign. That God knows what's going to happen before it does. Nothing ever happens that rocks God's world. He knows what's coming. He know things that are going to shock us before they do. He knows how we'll respond and what we'll do in our state state of shock and surprise....get mad, gossip, eat chocolate...whatever.

He also knows what's going to happen on the other side of the things that have rocked our world today. He knows how today's trials or tribulations are going to grow us and draw us to Him. He just knows how it's going to all play out.

Whew. I'll sleep better now that I've worked thru this.....

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A garage sale dilemma

Say you go garage saling and you buy a pair of kids shorts. You take them home, wash them and as you're folding them, you find money in the pocket. Several folded bills, let's say. What do you do with the money?

a) jump for joy--it's your lucky day!
b) return the money
c) other

Also, does the amount of money you find matter? Obviously I said bills here, so I'm not talking $500 nor $.50.

Talk to me...what do you think?

As if I weren't already THE coolest

Check out what we built the other day after lunch.

Yeah....these were worth the $5 garage sale investment. Next weekend, we need to find more books tho.... ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another milestone

Ten plus years ago, when we found out we were pregnant, the one thing I really wanted, was a brand new crib. But after a trip to Baby Depot, where GS freaked over how much having a baby was going to cost us and knowing his job was suddenly a bit unstable, I started shopping for a used crib. I found one thru the Ames paper and for $150 we brought it and a cigarette smoky smelling mattress home. The mattress went in the trash and I found a brand new one on sale.

That crib has been almost constantly in use for the last 9.5 years. We were discussing last night if it's been in constant use or near constant use and we don't remember. I know A slept in it until about 3.5 years and about that time, I think we took it down for a while before we found out we were FINALLY pregnant with G. Then it got put up again. Then we found out we were having a bonus baby and G got kicked out of it shortly before M was born. Then we moved and it got put up in a whole new state.

Miss M's been able to climb out of it for several months now but most of the time she happily sleeps in it and then waits for someone to come set her free. A couple months ago, I set up the big girl bed in her room because we were having company come visit. M's wanted to sleep in her big girl bed, but I've been telling her not until she became a big girl and learned to use the potty. (Aaah, potty training. There's a whole 'nother post! I won't mention that at 2 years and almost 11 months Miss M is the oldest of my children to figure out that challenge.....)

Anyway... a few days ago M woke up wet, I stripped the crib, threw the linens in the dirty clothes pile and promptly forgot all about them until nap time and I found I couldn't put her to bed, because yesterday's dirty crib linens were ALSO in the dirty clothes pile. So....I put her to bed in the big girl bed. And she slept there. Looking so little in that great big bed.

She apparently figured that putting ALL her loveys and a few spares in her bed would make it feel cozier. A handfull of books, two whoo-whoos, some dollies and other assorted treasures would make it feel more homey. She's been sleeping pretty well in her big girl bed and staying in it for the most part.

So....GS took the crib down. Down doobie doo down down. Buh bye crib. I'll miss you.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Mama Bear

Yesterday we went to a nearby lake (not 'the' Lake) with some friends. There was a swimming beach with a nice shallow area for the girls to swim and they were having fun bopping around with our friend's daughter who is M's age.

Pretty soon the daddies came and got in the water and went out a little past the girls. The big girls quickly discovered that they could go out FARTHER near their daddy. The little ones stayed fairly close to their wading mommies who were chatting in ankle deep water.

Every so often, a boat would go by and make waves. I'm pretty sure that's what happened to knock li'l Miss M off her feet. I saw her go under, waited just a sec for her to get her feet under her..... but it didn't happen. Once I saw her little eyes open and frightened under the water....that's all it took. I got to her in about three steps, scooped her up and held her close.

Then I realized that I was wet to my panty line. Doh! Denim capris are NOT the best thing for swimming as they get rather heavy and feel just nasty when they're wet. The cute cuffs at the bottom that were earlier SO stylish, now HELD water. And that spare feminine hygiene product in my pocket? Um...not so useful anymore.

Did it occur to me to tell my friend who was RIGHT beside me in shorts to get my baby? Or to holler for her daddy who was not more than 3 or 4 steps behind her to get her? Nope.

But it's okay. Mama Bear did her job and her baby's safe.