Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another milestone

Ten plus years ago, when we found out we were pregnant, the one thing I really wanted, was a brand new crib. But after a trip to Baby Depot, where GS freaked over how much having a baby was going to cost us and knowing his job was suddenly a bit unstable, I started shopping for a used crib. I found one thru the Ames paper and for $150 we brought it and a cigarette smoky smelling mattress home. The mattress went in the trash and I found a brand new one on sale.

That crib has been almost constantly in use for the last 9.5 years. We were discussing last night if it's been in constant use or near constant use and we don't remember. I know A slept in it until about 3.5 years and about that time, I think we took it down for a while before we found out we were FINALLY pregnant with G. Then it got put up again. Then we found out we were having a bonus baby and G got kicked out of it shortly before M was born. Then we moved and it got put up in a whole new state.

Miss M's been able to climb out of it for several months now but most of the time she happily sleeps in it and then waits for someone to come set her free. A couple months ago, I set up the big girl bed in her room because we were having company come visit. M's wanted to sleep in her big girl bed, but I've been telling her not until she became a big girl and learned to use the potty. (Aaah, potty training. There's a whole 'nother post! I won't mention that at 2 years and almost 11 months Miss M is the oldest of my children to figure out that challenge.....)

Anyway... a few days ago M woke up wet, I stripped the crib, threw the linens in the dirty clothes pile and promptly forgot all about them until nap time and I found I couldn't put her to bed, because yesterday's dirty crib linens were ALSO in the dirty clothes pile. So....I put her to bed in the big girl bed. And she slept there. Looking so little in that great big bed.

She apparently figured that putting ALL her loveys and a few spares in her bed would make it feel cozier. A handfull of books, two whoo-whoos, some dollies and other assorted treasures would make it feel more homey. She's been sleeping pretty well in her big girl bed and staying in it for the most part.

So....GS took the crib down. Down doobie doo down down. Buh bye crib. I'll miss you.

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Carrie said...

Ok that makes me a little sad for you and for me. We are both done with that stage in our lives. We have been so blessed in this journey so far. Let's rejoice as we reminisce.....

Now we get to love on others babies and still sleep well. There is blessing in everything. :)