Thursday, September 27, 2007


You know how sometimes you have a really bad day? And everything goes wrong? And you spend the whole day admistering 'discipline', playing referee, thinking you're failing your poor homelearned kids who don't seem to get three digit multiplication and end the day by removing the toddler's doorknob because you're tired of breaking into her room after she locks herself in?? I HATE those days. That was my Tuesday.

On Wednesday...

God blessed me right off by giving me the book I need for my small group discussion. It's a $12 book on Amazon and it was going for that on eBay. But Wednesday morning at 6 am, I found it on eBay with a buy it now for $6.50 shipped. WhoHOO!

Then the DaddyMan called to tell me that his raise had finally gone thru. His raise amount? It covers our monthly van payment. Oh yeah.... God's good.

Today, A understood her multiplication. Of course if she'd write neater she'd be able to do the addition part of the problems correctly. :P

G had trouble during her reading lesson because her brain kept forgetting what sounds the vowels were supposed to make. The look she gave me showing her frustration gave me a 5 minute case of the giggles. It felt GOOD.

While the big girls were at church tonight, we took the mighty Miss M on errands. Wow... life with one is EASY! When we just had one, we thought it was hard. But going from 3 to one?? It's a cakewalk and it was SO much fun! I think she loved it too.

My day was wrapped up when we all went to bed at about the same time. The DaddyMan settled into bed and let loose with a man burp. From down the hall...... A responded with one of her own. GS laughed SO hard. For the next 15 minutes they took turns with the letters of the alphabet and just trying to see who could be louder. Finally, a tired little voice from another room yelled.... "Would you STOP????" You have to love laughter that comes from all sides of the house. :D

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Carrie said...

I love it when God showers blessings upon my friends. Praise the Lord.