Monday, October 29, 2007

Drumroll please.....

It's LarryBoy DaddyMan!

My friend Cathe helped design the hat. She's pretty much a genius. I put together the inner guts of the hat on Friday before going to an overnight retreat. I got the rest of the hat and the shirt and the bottoms and the face and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE done on Sunday. the 3 hours before DaddyMan needed his costume. Ya'll know that nothing makes me more productive than the last minute. ;)

For the record, I was going to make pajama pant style pants for the bottoms but LarryBoy DaddyMan decided that a long 'ya know' would be more cucumber shaped. He rethought that after putting on his 'bottoms' and using the term 'big purple girl' which is STILL making me truly laugh out loud at the thought. Oops...I snorted that time. ;)

The costume got him lots of looks at our gathering. It was pretty funny that even tho he was following the girls and I, BUNCHES of people who KNOW him, didn't KNOW it was him. That was VERY funny! I also have a picture of my friend's toddler staring at LarryBoy DaddyMan in awe. Actually I snapped the picture and the little boy has his tongue sticking out. Maybe he thinks he looks like a tasty addition to his salad. ;)

Not to be left out would be the little cherubs in my life. They're pretty Incredible, ya know. ;)

Friday, October 26, 2007

That's usin' your head

Our church has a big 'not Halloween' festival this weekend. We're supposed to come as a superhero. So...we decided that Super DaddyMan should be LarryBoy (of VeggieTales fame--just in case you haven't seen all 27 episodes and sporadically quote talking veggies througout your day.)

LarryBoy is known for his big helmet with 'super suction ears'. These ears, to the casual bystander, look a LOT like pink plungers. They face outward from his head and he can shoot the plungers and they stick on to things--like walls, villians, etc.

I'm faced with the dilemma of how to make this costume look the most LarryBoy like. The first idea the girls threw out on how to attach the plungers was to take the bathroom plunger, stick the stick thru Super DaddyMan's ear and out the other side, where we can stick another plunger head on the other end of the stick.

Hmm... That would probably work on the magic of television, but not so much with our Super DaddyMan.

Last night's dinner time discussion once again to plungers and how to stick them to Super DaddyMan's head. A's latest brilliant idea? "Let's just take the ones from the bathroom, turn them around and suck 'em on to the sides of his head!"

Hmm....another great idea. I wonder how hard we'd have to pull to get them off the sides of his bald wittle head at the end of the night....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2 smart 4 me

A goes to the eye doctor next week. If you recall, we took her to the eye doctor last year after we realized she couldn't read the play eye chart at a local children's museum. Her current prescription is stronger than mine.

I was talking with her about possibly needing new glasses or that maybe she'd be ready for contacts. I asked what she thought about switching to contacts.

"But Mom, I can't have contacts, I don't know how to tear apart the sink yet."

Yeah, she knows the drill around here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

He really IS a superhero!

Today the DaddyMan, took us flying. Since he's the PIC (aka, pilot in command), he will hereafter be referred to as "Captain DaddyMan". We dropped A off at a horse camp and loaded up the small ones and headed to the airport.

Captain DaddyMan did all the preflight while we did important things like, eat lunch, go potty and give up frequent silent prayers. It's not that I don't trust The Captain, it's just that really, I don't like to fly. I don't like my ears popping, my stomach lurching or the thought of a painful death. Other than that... I was good to go.

Let's start with a sweet picture of the two little buddies. Aaaw!

We packed the wee ones in to the backseat, buckled in securely, tested everyone's headsets (which was QUITE amusing to Miss M) and moseyed, er...taxied down the taxiway/runway, whatever it was. Then we turned around and TOOK OFF! That was the point where M yelled into her mic--"AAAAAAH!". I laughed, but only after I got done with my own silent scream:

Captain DaddyMan carefully flew us up to 3000 ft above mean sea level (I just learned that term... I'm SUCH a good student) and we meandered across the countryside.

Look to the far left of this photo---it's Chicago! That's some serious visibility folks!

And look at this one--it's Milwaukee.

Here's some fun sites of the local landscape and the pretty fall colors.

A golf course:

Hmm maybe it's time to check on the backseat drivers. They've been amusing themselves by making Darth Vader like noises in to their mics. Awww, aren't they cute?? And no G, that headset doesn't make you look at ALL geeky!

Oooh, look. Here's The Captain. Hubba hubba.. For the record, he HATES to have his picture taken, so I'm impressed I got one of him. He didn't even notice since he was lookin' for traffic. :)

The jury's still out on what a headset does for me tho. ;)

Here's a cool twisty river. I really liked it apparently, I took a bunch of pictures of it.

This line of cars drew my attention, so I looked closer. Oooooh! It's a GARAGE SALE! The Captain said we couldn't stop. Dang.

Time to check on the backseat again. Ooh, look... M's dismantling the plane. Goooood...

Since flying over land wasn't cool enough, The Captain decided to take us over a local lake. He informed me that my seat cushion was NOT a flotation device. (I had to ask, ya know!)

Oooh, a boat. Wanna race?? Yeah, baby... pffft!

Ooh, look at those BIG lakefront houses. Wow...

It was about this point, that a small voice from the back said, "I think I'm gonna puke." Oh dear.... But....the ever ready Captain DaddyMan quickly grabbed a bag that was stashed away for just at time as this. Look, now she's ready...just in case!

Oh, and let's check on her seat mate, what is she up to? Oh look, she's looking out the window. I remember now why I prefer 5 point harnesses for her.

Since we fear puke, The Captain makes a beeline for the airport. There it is! And in no time at all, we're on the ground. I barely felt a bump!

Just for fun, I hollered, "There is a God!!" anyway. I wouldn't want The Captain to get a big head, ya know!

After we'd all unloaded, Little Miss M showed her appreciation for terra ferma. Or maybe she was just really happy her sister didn't blow chunks all over her.

On today's agenda...

Today, I'm dropping my first born off to go riding. She's THRILLED.

The rest of us....are going flying with the DaddyMan and his new pilot's license. (insert small eeeek! here)

I sure hope we don't make the first an orphan.

But...since I'm paranoid like that, she'll have a 'next of kin' phone number in her pocket.

Someone, please tell me that I'm not the only slightly paranoid mom on the planet.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sick and Wrong #2

A few months back, Aunty C came to visit. While she was visiting, we found a Klutz book of pipe cleaner fun at a garage sale. A quickly whipped up these guys. Cute huh?

Aunty produced this gem. Isn't he handsome??

Here's his other side:

Oh dear, looks like Mr. Lion needs a private moment. Oooh...nasty!

Sick and Wrong

The other night I made somethin' special for my kids. I took hot dogs and cut them into octopuses (or octopi---both are correct, ya know). I plunked my masterpiece on a plate and A moseyed in and eyed her dinner rather warily.

"What have you done to my weenie!?!?"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Things that honk off Mama Bear

-Comparing my girls to each other. Yes, one is average sized, one's runty (but finally in the 50 percentile) and one's tall. Which, when the sister above you is runty, makes the little one look big. Calling her 'big' or 'heavy' isn't allowed. She's normal. So are her sisters.

-Suggesting it's wrong of me to buy new clothes for the younger same gendered children. I was the youngest of 4 girls. I know what it's like to always be a couple years out of style because you had to wait for the handmedowns. Sorry, I don't want that for my kids and as long as I'm able, it's not going to happen. They get their own wardrobes with very few shared pieces. They have their own styles, their own coloring and their own favorites. And, frankly... I like to shop!

-Telling me that it's 'too bad this one wasn't a boy'. Why? Is having a penis somehow preferable to having female anatomy? Hmm.. I just don't get it. She's healthy, what more do we want?

-Playing favorites. 'Nuf said.

Whew. I feel better. It seems a bit early in the month for PMS....but maybe this'll be a bumper month for a GOOD case of it. The DaddyMan will be SO happy to hear that. :P

Friday, October 12, 2007

When I get old...

I like big dogs. We laugh at little 'guinea pig' dogs. It's not really a dog if you have to bend over to pet it, ya know.

So I tease my family, that when I get old and my babies leave home, I'm gonna get me one of those little yippie dogs and put bows in it's hair so that it coordinates with what I'm wearing. But....since I'm sure I won't lose my love of sewing or smocking by then.....

I'm gonna have to learn to make these:

Monday, October 8, 2007

My baby

My baby's turned three. THREE. Wow....

Here she is eating her birthday breakfast. Since A gets cinnamon rolls on her birthday and G gets donuts on hers and we eat chocolate cake for my breakfast, M needed a special pure sugar treat too.

Ice cream.

Since we're such health nuts (snort.) here's a frighteningly similar picture of her at supper with a birthday cupcake. Oh yeah, this girl knows a good thing.

(boy look at those bangs....her mother really should do SOMETHING with her hair!)

Miss M's also likes to be read to. Recently I got done reading one, she yelled, "Read AGAIN!".
So I did.

She loves to watch Curious George at 8 am EVERY morning. When it's time for her show, I yell, "Cartoons!" and from where ever she is in the the house she starts yelling "Cartoonies, cartoooooniiiieeees, cartoooniiiieeees!" until she parks her wittle butt in the chair to sit and watch.

Earlier she was sitting on my lap facing me and grabbed my hands so she could do a backwards somersault off my lap. When she landed and stood up, she crossed her arm across her tummy and made an elaborate bow. G and I both laughed at her. So she did it again and again and again. One time G didn't laugh. She bowed again and when she still didn't get a reaction, she walked over to her sister and said "Guh--yell! Laff me!!" Yeah, she's the baby. She KNOWS her role is the "family entertainer".

Look, here she is...making her sisters laugh. Okay, the big one was actually grunting a little, but it was still funny.

She's just finally started talking. A lot. She can tell quite the story, provided you speak her language, which is a few key words interspersed with some sounds that aren't quite understandable to the untrained. Thankfully she has me and her two big sisters to translate for her.

Oh, and you should hear her pray at meals. Talk about PRECIOUS. "Tank you Gaaawd. Tank you Jeeee--us. Aaaaaamen!" Sometimes she follows the "Amen" with "EAT!" which cracks everyone up.

M's also potty training. She stays dry ALL day and even some nights. She's not so good at poopin' in the potty tho. She prefers to wait for a nap or night time diaper or to just go hide in a corner and do it in her panties. "Oh, stinky on Nemo! Uh oh" :insert laughter from her here: Yeah, she's not gettin' it. Have I mentioned she's the OLDEST of my children to not get it?? Yeah...

She's still my baby. Forever and ever. Thank you God, for giving me this wonderful bonus that I didn't even know I wanted. Or needed. She's such a joy.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A sale

After reading Amanda's blog about 'bindin' and immobilizin'' your 'Betty's' I decided to go shoppin' for more bras. I needed them. The steel girders in mine have been givin' up the ship a wee bit too often lately.

I had a coupon for Lane Bryant (hey, if your Betty's are oversized, this IS the very best place to go!). The coupon was either good for $10 or $50 off a $50 purchase. So, I took my 3 helpers shopping and we picked out some over the shoulder boulder holders and hit the dressing room.

(Can I just say, my three will probably be scarred for life from such a trip, but what's a mom with saggy Betties and worn out bras to do??)

After taking their advice on colors and ignoring their advice on styles, I found a style I liked and proceded to pick out 4. And matching panties. NOT the string binkinis my oldest thought were 'cool', but the ones *I* like.

At the register, I learned my coupon was one of the lucky 1 in 4, good for $50 off today's purchase! Yeah baby!! So I got 4 new bras and 5 new panties for $50! WhooHOOO!

Consider me stylishly 'bound and immobilized'! :D

Friday, October 5, 2007

My apologies to "Cars"

Tonight at dinner we were discussing how God never messes up our names. He knows us and he's not like the Mom who NEVER seems to call her girls the right names on the first try (know anyone like that??). We went on to discuss that God knows us SO well, he even knows the number of hairs on each of our heads.

It took about 1/2 a second before someone pointed to the bald DaddyMan and said, "That won't take God long to count!"

But the really clincher was when A pointed out the hairs in her daddy's nose. "Look, they're sayin', Look at me!! Here I am!! PLUCK me!"

Thursday, October 4, 2007

There's ANOTHER one??

I got an email from Facebook saying I had a message from myself. HUH? I was rather confused when I saw "Angela ..... has sent you a message on Facebook". How on earth did I do THAT?

Come to find out...the world had TWO people with MY name!! Can you believe it?? MY name. Those who know me know MY name's a big unusual, (although it sounds great if you say it fast). ;)

So while this skinny (harumph!) redhead has my name (and a dh w/squintier eyes than mine has), she lives in the UK. Which means... I'm STILL the only one of *me* on this continent.

For that... I know many of you are grateful. ;)