Saturday, October 20, 2007

He really IS a superhero!

Today the DaddyMan, took us flying. Since he's the PIC (aka, pilot in command), he will hereafter be referred to as "Captain DaddyMan". We dropped A off at a horse camp and loaded up the small ones and headed to the airport.

Captain DaddyMan did all the preflight while we did important things like, eat lunch, go potty and give up frequent silent prayers. It's not that I don't trust The Captain, it's just that really, I don't like to fly. I don't like my ears popping, my stomach lurching or the thought of a painful death. Other than that... I was good to go.

Let's start with a sweet picture of the two little buddies. Aaaw!

We packed the wee ones in to the backseat, buckled in securely, tested everyone's headsets (which was QUITE amusing to Miss M) and moseyed, er...taxied down the taxiway/runway, whatever it was. Then we turned around and TOOK OFF! That was the point where M yelled into her mic--"AAAAAAH!". I laughed, but only after I got done with my own silent scream:

Captain DaddyMan carefully flew us up to 3000 ft above mean sea level (I just learned that term... I'm SUCH a good student) and we meandered across the countryside.

Look to the far left of this photo---it's Chicago! That's some serious visibility folks!

And look at this one--it's Milwaukee.

Here's some fun sites of the local landscape and the pretty fall colors.

A golf course:

Hmm maybe it's time to check on the backseat drivers. They've been amusing themselves by making Darth Vader like noises in to their mics. Awww, aren't they cute?? And no G, that headset doesn't make you look at ALL geeky!

Oooh, look. Here's The Captain. Hubba hubba.. For the record, he HATES to have his picture taken, so I'm impressed I got one of him. He didn't even notice since he was lookin' for traffic. :)

The jury's still out on what a headset does for me tho. ;)

Here's a cool twisty river. I really liked it apparently, I took a bunch of pictures of it.

This line of cars drew my attention, so I looked closer. Oooooh! It's a GARAGE SALE! The Captain said we couldn't stop. Dang.

Time to check on the backseat again. Ooh, look... M's dismantling the plane. Goooood...

Since flying over land wasn't cool enough, The Captain decided to take us over a local lake. He informed me that my seat cushion was NOT a flotation device. (I had to ask, ya know!)

Oooh, a boat. Wanna race?? Yeah, baby... pffft!

Ooh, look at those BIG lakefront houses. Wow...

It was about this point, that a small voice from the back said, "I think I'm gonna puke." Oh dear.... But....the ever ready Captain DaddyMan quickly grabbed a bag that was stashed away for just at time as this. Look, now she's ready...just in case!

Oh, and let's check on her seat mate, what is she up to? Oh look, she's looking out the window. I remember now why I prefer 5 point harnesses for her.

Since we fear puke, The Captain makes a beeline for the airport. There it is! And in no time at all, we're on the ground. I barely felt a bump!

Just for fun, I hollered, "There is a God!!" anyway. I wouldn't want The Captain to get a big head, ya know!

After we'd all unloaded, Little Miss M showed her appreciation for terra ferma. Or maybe she was just really happy her sister didn't blow chunks all over her.

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Journey of the Heart said...

How COOL! Nice open mouth! LOL!