Monday, October 8, 2007

My baby

My baby's turned three. THREE. Wow....

Here she is eating her birthday breakfast. Since A gets cinnamon rolls on her birthday and G gets donuts on hers and we eat chocolate cake for my breakfast, M needed a special pure sugar treat too.

Ice cream.

Since we're such health nuts (snort.) here's a frighteningly similar picture of her at supper with a birthday cupcake. Oh yeah, this girl knows a good thing.

(boy look at those bangs....her mother really should do SOMETHING with her hair!)

Miss M's also likes to be read to. Recently I got done reading one, she yelled, "Read AGAIN!".
So I did.

She loves to watch Curious George at 8 am EVERY morning. When it's time for her show, I yell, "Cartoons!" and from where ever she is in the the house she starts yelling "Cartoonies, cartoooooniiiieeees, cartoooniiiieeees!" until she parks her wittle butt in the chair to sit and watch.

Earlier she was sitting on my lap facing me and grabbed my hands so she could do a backwards somersault off my lap. When she landed and stood up, she crossed her arm across her tummy and made an elaborate bow. G and I both laughed at her. So she did it again and again and again. One time G didn't laugh. She bowed again and when she still didn't get a reaction, she walked over to her sister and said "Guh--yell! Laff me!!" Yeah, she's the baby. She KNOWS her role is the "family entertainer".

Look, here she is...making her sisters laugh. Okay, the big one was actually grunting a little, but it was still funny.

She's just finally started talking. A lot. She can tell quite the story, provided you speak her language, which is a few key words interspersed with some sounds that aren't quite understandable to the untrained. Thankfully she has me and her two big sisters to translate for her.

Oh, and you should hear her pray at meals. Talk about PRECIOUS. "Tank you Gaaawd. Tank you Jeeee--us. Aaaaaamen!" Sometimes she follows the "Amen" with "EAT!" which cracks everyone up.

M's also potty training. She stays dry ALL day and even some nights. She's not so good at poopin' in the potty tho. She prefers to wait for a nap or night time diaper or to just go hide in a corner and do it in her panties. "Oh, stinky on Nemo! Uh oh" :insert laughter from her here: Yeah, she's not gettin' it. Have I mentioned she's the OLDEST of my children to not get it?? Yeah...

She's still my baby. Forever and ever. Thank you God, for giving me this wonderful bonus that I didn't even know I wanted. Or needed. She's such a joy.


Mary said...

I think she may be her mother made over! Happy birthday, little M!

Journey of the Heart said...

Oh isn't she precious.