Sunday, October 7, 2007

A sale

After reading Amanda's blog about 'bindin' and immobilizin'' your 'Betty's' I decided to go shoppin' for more bras. I needed them. The steel girders in mine have been givin' up the ship a wee bit too often lately.

I had a coupon for Lane Bryant (hey, if your Betty's are oversized, this IS the very best place to go!). The coupon was either good for $10 or $50 off a $50 purchase. So, I took my 3 helpers shopping and we picked out some over the shoulder boulder holders and hit the dressing room.

(Can I just say, my three will probably be scarred for life from such a trip, but what's a mom with saggy Betties and worn out bras to do??)

After taking their advice on colors and ignoring their advice on styles, I found a style I liked and proceded to pick out 4. And matching panties. NOT the string binkinis my oldest thought were 'cool', but the ones *I* like.

At the register, I learned my coupon was one of the lucky 1 in 4, good for $50 off today's purchase! Yeah baby!! So I got 4 new bras and 5 new panties for $50! WhooHOOO!

Consider me stylishly 'bound and immobilized'! :D


Mary said...

That's awesome, Ange!

Journey of the Heart said...

Wow - I feel so privleged to know this part of your life. Ya know - next time you could post links to the bras and panties you bought so at least we could OOO and AHH.

Carrie said...

Ok I am still laughing at this whole saga. For those of us who can't relate it is that much more comical. I do however share your enthusiasm and rejoice in your amazing deals. As for your girls, you are likely preparing them for the road ahead. :)