Monday, October 15, 2007

Things that honk off Mama Bear

-Comparing my girls to each other. Yes, one is average sized, one's runty (but finally in the 50 percentile) and one's tall. Which, when the sister above you is runty, makes the little one look big. Calling her 'big' or 'heavy' isn't allowed. She's normal. So are her sisters.

-Suggesting it's wrong of me to buy new clothes for the younger same gendered children. I was the youngest of 4 girls. I know what it's like to always be a couple years out of style because you had to wait for the handmedowns. Sorry, I don't want that for my kids and as long as I'm able, it's not going to happen. They get their own wardrobes with very few shared pieces. They have their own styles, their own coloring and their own favorites. And, frankly... I like to shop!

-Telling me that it's 'too bad this one wasn't a boy'. Why? Is having a penis somehow preferable to having female anatomy? Hmm.. I just don't get it. She's healthy, what more do we want?

-Playing favorites. 'Nuf said.

Whew. I feel better. It seems a bit early in the month for PMS....but maybe this'll be a bumper month for a GOOD case of it. The DaddyMan will be SO happy to hear that. :P


Steph said...

I can see why that would get you upset. I am sorry that you are having to deal with some less than stellar attitudes with some people.

Mary said...

That kind of stuff tends to tick me off, too.