Thursday, November 29, 2007


The girls are playing Memory in the next room. At first A was going to play with M and just a handfull of cards. G wanted to play too. M told her, "No G play! Me play A!" Once I talked her into her other sister playing too, they got right into it.

I love hearing them play the way *I* taught them (that you start in one corner, flipping cards in a neat row and reciting what the previous cards were before your next turn---yes, I'm anal okay?? I also like to WIN!). I love hearing them coach each other: "Start here. Yeah, you found the apple. Flip the next one."

But what I love most is hearing G say to her little sister, "Good job! You're so smart!!"

Awww.... if only they'll always stay so supportive and quick to forgive. Five minutes ago, that little sister didn't even want her to play!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eh? What'd you say??

Today I was giving a spelling test to A. The word was strawberry. So I used it in a sentence that went something like this:

"I like the book about the little mouse and the big hungry strawberry."

Oops...that didn't come out right. A laughed at me. I laughed. She told me I said it so nice and slow that she thought I meant to say that. Nope, I didn't. I tried to explain myself.

"Sometimes I think my brain forgets to turn on before I tart stalking."

Oh man... I think I need a nap.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pride goes before a fall

Today the big girls had dental appointments. They had a cancellation, so they got me in today instead of tomorrow which was a big WHOOOHOO in my book. M waited patiently through everyone's checkups and when she realized she was NOT getting a turn.....she pitched a fit.

So, they gave her a turn. I thought they were going to give her a ride in the chair. They did, as well as a full exam, cleaning, flouride AND xrays! And would you believe, the child I would vote "most likely to NOT cooperate" sat like an ANGEL through it all??

Yep, this mama was proud. VERY proud! They raved about her and I glowed inside from my pride.

Therefore it should serve as NO surprise what happened next.

We went to the grocery store. It was kind of crowded and we got stuck behind a man doing his shopping. It was at that point, that the child who had just made her mother beam with pride 30 minutes earlier made her mother (who seldom blushes) turn 30 shades of red.....

Remember....M doesn't speak super clearly. People ask on a regular basis if she's speaking Chinese. I can almost always understand her, but today....EVERYONE understood what she said to the man that dared to slow down her shopping....

"Get outta MY WAY!"

The man turned and looked at her and said, "Get out of my way, huh?"

I stuttered, "Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry!"

Oh man.... please floor....suck me down now..... I scolded her, "M!! APOLOGIZE! Say you're sorry!!" She started to cry. So I apologized again.

Then we worked our way to the door with the remorseful, howling 3 year old clinging to my leg.

Yeah baby... I'm SO proud of her today.....

Sunday, November 25, 2007


You know how you remember all those obscure little things from childhood? Like exactly what you were wearing the first time you had stitches? Or the ugly thing the 4th grade bully called you that time on top of the monkey bars?

We're really hoping that the girls' memories of the Thanksgiving we spent in North Carolina will involve catching crayfish in the creek, hiking up to see a pretty waterfall and visiting friends in Tennessee. Even remembering that A used the word "executioner" as the X word in the "We're going on a trip and we're taking.... game" wouldn't be ALL bad.

We'd prefer that they remember those things over the 12 hour nighttime drive to come home with two puking girls and one dry heaving out of sympathy.

Fun times....yes indeedy, fun times.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today's giggle

Seeing your naked 3 year old daughter see her 2 year old boy cousin naked for the first time, which prompted her to bend over and look at her own parts for comparision.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The dollhouse family...

Oooh, look the dollhouse is taking a trip. Dollhouse Mama and M have packed the van. Boy, is Dollhouse Mama the queen of filling every.single.inch in that van or what?? It seems that Dollhouse Mama has also packed the one thing EVERY mama has at some point or another, WISHED her van had....

Yep, a potty!

I mean, seriously, how convenient is that?? Mama drank too much coffee so that she could stay awake on the long road trip all the way from upstairs and by the time they got to the kitchen table, Dollhouse Mama had to go... BAD! Since she packed SO efficently, she just had to unload the toilette off the top of the van and voila, her needs are met. Wow, she's an inspiration to us all at with her amazing foresight of just exactly what she'd need!

Alas, a moment later, things turned south for poor Dollhouse Mama. It seems, she was the unlikely recipent of every junior high boys worst nightmare....

The archnemesis who carried out this bit of evil??

(yes I know she's fuzzy, she was cackling so hard she couldn't sit still!)

Monday's sewing

Okay, I know it's now Wednesday, but here's what I cranked out on Monday. New pjs! I think I need to cut the legs a bit trimmer for the next pairs. Oh well, the lengths are good and everyone likes them. :D And like a GOOD mom, I didn't comb their hair after baths.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday sewing

This is my second attempt at getting out of buying a pattern for a dress style I like. This one turned out better. But... G tells me she doesn't like it. All of a sudden the little girl who LOVES pink and LOVES her ballet class doesn't LOVE a dress that is both. :P at her.

Sunday Funnies

After church we stopped to buy a Sunday paper. While the DaddyMan runs into the store to get it, the girls and I played "I Spy". This is always entertaining considering M doesn't know her colors and G picks a color, but doesn't determine which thing of that color until several minutes of guessing.

It never fails that someone yells, "I spy something bald!" as the DaddyMan comes back to the van. Today when he got in and heard us giggling, yet again, over our goofy game, he responded with, "I spy something obnoxious!"

And from the back seat, a confident G announced, "That'd be me!"


I got to go to the fabric store ALONE this afternoon. I'm hoping for some serious sewing time later this week. Stay tuned for photos later in the week. ;)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday's creation

I got this super cute fabric from Mary a while back for winning a drawing on her blog. It was just waiting for the perfect pattern. After admiring a pattern online, but being too cheap to shell out the $12 for it, I winged it today. It didn't come out TOO bad, but it does need a little tweaking. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ikea love

Aaah, I love Ikea. I could get lost for WEEKS in there. But this trip I only needed a couple things AND I wrote them down:

bookends (4 @ $.49 cents each)
toiletry bag ($4.99)
wire hangy thingy for Carrie ($4.99)

I gathered my things and told dh I was ready to go. I had my $12 worth of loot and even tho I REALLY wanted the $19.99 mattress protector for M's bed, since they were out of stock, I didn't get to buy one.

But then...we walked by the bookcases. Oh, how we NEED more bookcases. We kinda like to read around here.

Suddenly, $12 purchase wasn't. But I'm okay with that.....

And I must say.... it's simply amazing what you can fit in a minivan!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Spelling fun

Today's spelling list was a bunch of proper names and states. The words A misses she has to write in sentences. Due to some really wierd and downright bad sentences, the rule is "two spelling words per sentence." But today's sentence... I just might allow.

"Georgia has been to Oregon, Kentucky, Delaware, Arizona, Maine, Tennessee, Kansas and the Arctic. "

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How do you hear it?

M is three. She doesn't speak super clearly all the time and at times, I could swear she has a wad of gum in her mouth. Other times, her words are SO clear we look at her in shock.

Earlier, M came over and said a few words to me. I thought I caught what she said, so I responded, "I'm awesome?" She repeated her comment again. And I said, "Oh... God's awesome?"

At that moment I puffed up a bit inside. My sweet and SO spiritual three year old. Awww... I must be doing this parenting thing right.

So I turned to the 9 year old beside me and said, "Isn't that sweet, she said, "God's Awesome!"".

A set me straight. "Mom, she wanted you to cut up an apple. She said, "Cut up apple".


How do you see it?

Playmobil is a much loved line of toys at our house. M was playing with the Christmas house the other morning and came down with an elf. She showed me this elf had special skills.

"Yook Mom!! Him's bowin'!"

And all this time, I just thought they could sit....

Monday, November 5, 2007

What's that I'm feeling??

Last night while I was making dinner, M and G were destroying a room and A was happily reading a book while sitting at the counter. Since I still remember the pains I took to teach that child to read and her struggles and whining and our tears, I couldn't help but be a bit sentimental. So, like a good mom, I shared my sentimental moment with her.

Me: "Aaah, it makes me so happy to see you reading for fun."

Her, very confused: "Why??"

Me: "Well, it wasn't easy to teach you to read and you complained and I SO wanted to to love to read so to see you reading for fun brings SUCH joy to my wittle heart."

Her: "That's not your heart. It's your stomach. When's dinner?"

In other news... for years G has told anyone who asks, "Who loves you?" that Miss Carrie loves her. Often dear old mom gets second billing and the DaddyMan is usually on the list, but sometimes we're both left off entirely.

M, on the other hand claims to know just who loves her... Nobody. That's the answer she ALWAYS gives and she says it in a silly zombie like voice that makes me laugh every.single.time. Hmm... Maybe that's why she says it...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Movin' on...

Since Halloween's over, it's time to move on and think about...winter! It is only 38 degrees here this morning so it MUST be right around the corner. I made this outfit to post for sale on one of my message boards. Conveniently, I made it G's size, just in case no one wants it. I like it, she likes it and you know....if no one else does, my work won't go to waste. :)

Trick or Treat!

We don't make a big deal out of Halloween around here. I try hard to be as low key as possible, frankly. We go to the church party and then visit the neighborhood for an hour or so. Then we come home and I try VERY hard to not eat all the candy after the kids go to bed.

Here's the mummy, a dalmatian and a friend. I've always wanted to dress A like a mummy. The idea of wrapping her up cracked me up. I should've used a stapler tho...she was REALLY draggin' by the time we got home and we'd had to stop MANY times to put her back together. Doh!

The dalmatian costume was made about 14 years ago, by my mom. She made it for my now 16 year old niece who wore it 2 or 3 years, then her little sister wore it a couple years and then A wore it a couple years and this is G's second year in it. Next year... M's turn.

And here's Bob the Tomato. This was made a couple years ago for G. M loves Bob too, so it's just as fitting for her. :)

There were two downsides to our hour of toodling the neighborhood. M didn't have a nap. She didn't like scary masks and she didn't like walking. She wasn't a lot of fun.

The second bad thing? ONE mini Snickers. ONE. In three bags of candy, there was exactly ONE snack size Snickers. Those are my FAVORITE and there was only ONE.

Notice I say, "was". ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Customer Service

We took a field trip to the eye doctor. If you remember, a year ago we took A to the children's museum and while playing there, we learned she couldn't read an eye chart. We're still recovering from the 'oops' feeling of waiting so long to get her glasses that her prescription is stronger than mine.

Our eye doctor is an optometrist and apparently every couple of years the opthamologist checks your eyes AFTER you've been checked by the optometrist. The opthamologist is an older man who, frankly, lacks good 'chairside' manner. The first thing he did was look down in disdain at the little two sitting near my feet and said, "Stay on the carpet. I might roll on them." Okay, he's on a rolling stool on the wood floor part of the room, that make sense.

But then he started giving A commands like, "Sit back. Sit up tall. Chin here." All of his commands were very short and clipped. He mentioned at one point that she'd be a good canidate for contacts in a couple years and I asked what the criteria was for that. "Two reasons. I only need one. Maturity and the eyes change fast at this age." Um... okay.....

Thankfully the appointment part with him was over fast and we left. We went next door to the optical shop. There was one woman working and she was helping a man with paperwork and looked at me and my troops and curtly said, "This will take a little bit." I told her that was okay and we'd browse. I parked the little two on chairs with magazines and started browsing with A.

She spent a good 10 more minutes with that man before coming to me and saying, "Do you have a prescription?". I gave her that and my insurance card and asked her to check my coverage (Last year I paid about $20 for A's glasses so I KNEW we had decent coverage.). She looked at the card briefly and asked,

"Is this an HMO or straight title 19 or what?"

HUH??? Did she really just ask me if I was on welfare?? I had noticed the MANY signs around the office regarding 'Badger Care' limits (along with the ones saying 'if your kids break something you WILL buy it) but HUH?? And since when do welfare cards say UNITED HEALTHCARE at the top?

QUITE stunned, I managed to smile and say, "It's insurance, not an HMO." (and NOT welfare you..... you.....). (I must say at this point in the story, my sister said, "What, weren't your girls dressed in Gymboree yesterday?" I laughed. And she said, "Okay, what were you wearing??" I told her I looked good in layered tee shirts, toting my Coach purse ($25 garage sale find---whooHOOO!) and now that I think about it, my NICE necklace!). Yeah baby...we looked like we were on welfare! NOT!)

So, we browsed some more, trying on every.single.pair of glasses in the store. The little girls have moved from their chairs and are playing with a plastic pair of fake sunglasses with no bows and this woman (henceforth known as "Grumpy Lady") walked over and took it out of M's hand and put it down on the table in front of her. "Don't touch." Then a minute or two later, as G was sitting criss cross applesauce on one of the chairs, Grumpy Lady came over and helped G straighten out her legs so her feet were dangling out in front of her and said, "Don't put your feet on the chairs, people have to sit on them." HUH?? Isn't my G a people? Her shoes aren't overly dirty and it's not like she's standing on them or dripping chocolate ice cream on it! Sheesh!

And can I mention that my little girls have not touched a SINGLE pair of frames or anything but those industrial strength sunglasses model in the store the ENTIRE time we've been here? Yeah, that little talk I gave them must've worked! I personally was VERY impressed how how good they were being so Grumpy Lady's treatment of them was really, quite uncalled for. If my kids are hoodlums, I would be dealing with it and I was growing more and more annoyed as the minutes were ticking past.

I finally told A that I thought we should look somewhere else because neither of us was wowed by anything there. I was proud that I managed to not be rude and we left and drove to get lunch and go somewhere else to look for glasses. We got to the next place and..... didn't have A's prescription! Grumpy Lady didn't give it back! AAAARGH!

We drove BACK to Grumpy Lady's store (I'm pretty sure she's just an employee) and I ran in, without the girls to get it. Grumpy Lady ignored me as I came in and when she stopped talking to a different customer I stepped up and asked I could get my prescription form back. "I gave it to you," Grumpy Lady snapped. Again, shocked, I said, "No, you gave me my INSURANCE card, but not the prescription." She argued with me before huffing, "Well I'll check" and going to the effort of going FIVE steps behind the half wall to look in my papers. She couldn't find it! So she responds, "I suppose I can give you this copy that I made." WHAT?? You LOST my prescription (I KNOW she never gave it back to me!) and now you act like it's a huge deal to give me back a copy?? Aargh!

I took it the copy, which apparently had something else on the other half of the paper because she RIPPED it off the rest of the sheet and left. I thought later that she probably left my original in the copier. Yeah baby...that's good customer service, argue with the customer and acuse ME of being the idiot.

I think today... I'll write a letter. "Please don't let your employees treat children like vermin, assume that the state's buying their glasses and lie about losing paperwork. It really makes me not want to shop in your store."

Today... I think we'll try one of the big chain stores.

And later, I'll post pictures of trick or treating. I know you're waiting on baited breath for THAT one. Don't be too excited, we played repeats this year.