Thursday, November 29, 2007


The girls are playing Memory in the next room. At first A was going to play with M and just a handfull of cards. G wanted to play too. M told her, "No G play! Me play A!" Once I talked her into her other sister playing too, they got right into it.

I love hearing them play the way *I* taught them (that you start in one corner, flipping cards in a neat row and reciting what the previous cards were before your next turn---yes, I'm anal okay?? I also like to WIN!). I love hearing them coach each other: "Start here. Yeah, you found the apple. Flip the next one."

But what I love most is hearing G say to her little sister, "Good job! You're so smart!!"

Awww.... if only they'll always stay so supportive and quick to forgive. Five minutes ago, that little sister didn't even want her to play!

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