Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Funnies

After church we stopped to buy a Sunday paper. While the DaddyMan runs into the store to get it, the girls and I played "I Spy". This is always entertaining considering M doesn't know her colors and G picks a color, but doesn't determine which thing of that color until several minutes of guessing.

It never fails that someone yells, "I spy something bald!" as the DaddyMan comes back to the van. Today when he got in and heard us giggling, yet again, over our goofy game, he responded with, "I spy something obnoxious!"

And from the back seat, a confident G announced, "That'd be me!"


I got to go to the fabric store ALONE this afternoon. I'm hoping for some serious sewing time later this week. Stay tuned for photos later in the week. ;)

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