Monday, November 5, 2007

What's that I'm feeling??

Last night while I was making dinner, M and G were destroying a room and A was happily reading a book while sitting at the counter. Since I still remember the pains I took to teach that child to read and her struggles and whining and our tears, I couldn't help but be a bit sentimental. So, like a good mom, I shared my sentimental moment with her.

Me: "Aaah, it makes me so happy to see you reading for fun."

Her, very confused: "Why??"

Me: "Well, it wasn't easy to teach you to read and you complained and I SO wanted to to love to read so to see you reading for fun brings SUCH joy to my wittle heart."

Her: "That's not your heart. It's your stomach. When's dinner?"

In other news... for years G has told anyone who asks, "Who loves you?" that Miss Carrie loves her. Often dear old mom gets second billing and the DaddyMan is usually on the list, but sometimes we're both left off entirely.

M, on the other hand claims to know just who loves her... Nobody. That's the answer she ALWAYS gives and she says it in a silly zombie like voice that makes me laugh every.single.time. Hmm... Maybe that's why she says it...

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