Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Chaos

We started our Christmas Day fun when Captain DaddyMan decided it was time for the rest of us to get up. He'd gotten up to roll out Mom's homemade cinnamin rolls and felt we had slept in too long. So, he cranked up the stereo with the Trans Siberian Orchestra. It was 5:45 am. I'm sure the neighbor's appreciated their Christmas serenade too.

We start w/stockings. M started yanking stuff out of her stocking so fast that I couldn't capture pictures. See her cute new Dora pjs? I made those and she opened them up on Christmas Eve.

For weeks, G had been wondering what she would get for Christmas. I told her she was getting "socks, underwear and toothpaste and nothing else." I should've stopped at the underwear, since her joy was so overwhelming when she found these in her stocking.

A moment later, A found some too. I hope she doesn't put them on sideways like she's holding them up. Can you say "permawedgie"?

Oooh, more joy. Schliech joy this time. Truly, she was happy. She does look a bit frightening in this photo tho. Do you like her cute horsey pjs? I made those too.

And American Girl joy. This is Emily, a short haired doll. Buying the long, curly haired Nicki doll for a 5 year old wasn't my smartest move ever. But since she did give up sucking her thumb to earn her, it was a good reward. Even if her hair takes more time than mine.

More American Girl joy. Ivy. A Chinese doll for a Japanese girl. Gotta love America. Do you like her cute cherry pjs? I didn't make those. Probably some child her age in another country made them while working for pennies a day. I was truly going to make her some but I realized the day before Christmas that I didn't have a big enough piece of fabric or elastic. Oops.

Gift opening is done. The DaddyMan decided to further bury the floor by opening his gift. You know, the one he knew all about. I'm married to a brat.

It was also wrapped in bubble wrap which the girls abandoned all their new toys for. The blur kinda says it all, don'tcha think?

M outlasted the others. She truly enjoyed this. Next year, she's just getting bubblewrap.

A boy and his toy. He's so engrossed, he doesn't even notice me taking his picture. Click, click, click.

Isn't it pretty?
And when we were all done, G asked, "Mom! Where's my socks and toothpaste?? I only got underwear!"


craftaddictconfessional said...

Love the pics, especially the blurred bubble wrap party. My MIL loves bubble wrap; I actually bought a big roll of it one year and gave it to her for her birthday. She was so happy!

alittlemoore said...

Bubble wrap is always a big hit here! Looks like a great Chrismas! Tell her you are saving the toothpaste for her birthday!

Cathe said...

Is that tape on your floor?

Looovely gee-tar. Matthew bought himself an acoustic with a pickup while we were in Mpls. (He's still there but will be home on Sunday if George wants to jam.) :)

Merry Christmas to all of you!