Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Chub

My mom used to make the most incredible cinnamon rolls, twice a year. At Christmas, my mom made hundreds of rolls and delivered them to friends and we also ate them on Christmas morning. At Easter she'd make bunches for the church breakfast. Twice a year we got to eat ourselves sick on Mom's rolls. They were SO yummy.

Several years before Mom died, the DaddyMan (who wasn't a daddyman yet) wanted to try to make them. So, we copied Mom's recipe and working from the best of my memory, I helped. We had some decent rolls and some truly flopped rolls. Thankfully Mom was still around to troubleshoot his bloopers after a few attempts he made a pretty good copy of her rolls. I made the frosting. I'm such a helper.

Now that Mom's dead, the DaddyMan has taken over making rolls for us every Christmas. He's also taken to tweaking the recipe a bit each year. One year he decided to make the dough sweeter. Adding the frosting made them just a wee bit too much. Last year, I changed to cream cheese frosting. Ooooh baby....that added a lot. This year, I suggested he add more cinnamon to the sugar and cinnamon mix.

And now...we have perfection. Seriously, this batch of Christmas rolls were his best EVER. Two pans of total bliss and one pan that I overcooked by a few minutes, but if you add enough cream cheese frosting and warm them up, you barely notice. I had two rolls for breakfast Christmas Day and I think two more with lunch. I may have had one for an afternoon snack that day as well. I've eaten two for breakfast every day since, as well as two for lunch. Oh, and each roll needs a full glass of milk to go with it. What can I say? I'm getting my daily calcium!

Oh man...they are SO good! And since I only get them once a year, I feel the need to eat myself sick of them so I'm not ready for them until next year. Or at least that's what I want to believe. Truth is, I have NO self control when it comes to these delightful bits o'Heaven that reside on my counter.

In plain sight.

Calling my name.


Yesterday, I felt kinda bad about all the rolls I'd eaten. I also felt bloated and truly just plain fat, so I spent an hour on the elliptical (okay, my new iPod probably had something to do with my motivation.) Did you know that in an hour, you can burn 825 calories on that thing?

I did the math and realized if I did that 4 days in a row, I'd lose a pound! If I did that every day, I'd lose almost two pounds a week!

So, I'm just going to polish off the last pan of rolls, the last of the cream cheese frosting and then I'll get started on that.



Cathe said...

You know, big pans of cinnamon rolls would make nice New Years gifts for your local (er, semi-local) friends. I've heard they like cinnamon rolls.

Jenny said...

I've read several of your posts, but I had to reply on this one. Simply, you're too stinkin' funny.

I'm with Cathe, the other poster, on this one. We like cinnamon rolls and I'm sure we're local too. :)