Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm not allowed to take on new hobbies

The DaddyMan says I'm not allowed to take on any new hobbies 'cause I don't have time to do all the hobbies I have. But after spending Thanksgiving with my bead store owning mother-in-law and looking at scores of magazines, wow, I'm tempted. So... I decided to make the world's best stepmother (who doesn't read my blog!) a little something for Christmas.

And since I HAD the stuff and now had a clue, I um, made myself a little something.

I'm sure this it's-not-a-new-hobby'll end there.

Err... or as soon as I finish a little something else I'm going to give away.

And that little something else for me.

THAT will be the end. I'm sure.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

HEY -- Love 'em!!

Do you go here?? She makes cute stuff...

Have fun with your new hobby ;)

Mary said...

Those are so pretty, Angela!

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