Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's cold, I'm

Tonight at dinner the DaddyMan complained his feet were cold. He set out to figure out where the draft was coming from. A had a better idea.

"Just lick your toe and hold it up to see which way the wind's comin' from."

A few minutes later, dinner conversation went south. Our rule of "No discussing things that come out of your body during dinner" got broken. I think it was the DaddyMan who first commented that puking up tonight's taco casserole would NOT feel good (I didn't eat it...just in case!). I mentioned that whatever I threw up was WAAAY too thick and didn't feel good either.

G looked at me and informed me, "When I was first pukin', I felt like I was pukin' up YOU!"

Gee, thanks... :P

I'll go back to the couch now and spare ya'll the rest of our sick week and weekend conversations. Unless they make me laugh out loud again and then I'll be back.

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