Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oy, whatta day...

Yesterday morning, I woke up sick. Really sick. Hugging a garbage can and running to the bathroom sick. I was sick enough that I either laid in bed or sat on the potty...all day.

Where were my children? Here. Where was The DaddyMan? At work. Needless to say my children were not well supervised. Although I must say, A did a fabulous job. At 6:30 when I woke her up and told her I needed her help because I was sick and the little two were already up, she got right up.

Sometime around lunch time she came and asked what was for lunch. I told her whatever they could find. She shouted "WhooHOO!" and ran to the kitchen. Then I heard her mention hot dogs to her sisters so I had to feebly yell out "Make sure no one chokes!". I'm not sure if they heard me but I felt better for saying it. I heard the microwave running briefly and I opted not to worry about the fact that I think she warmed 3 or 4 hot dogs for 30 seconds total.

I did get up long enough to tuck the little two into bed for naps and to give A permission to play on the computer for the afternoon before tucking myself back in. The DaddyMan came home around 3 and convinced me a shower would help me feel better. It did and I even ventured downstairs. The house looked no worse than if I had been up all day! What great kids I have! I even commented that she'd done the lunch dishes and put things all away.

She responded, "We didn't use dishes, we just ate off the counter."

Okay, baby..whatever works.


Carrie said...

I was praying for you and God answered my prayers with your kids. You DO have great kiddos. I hope you are feeing better today and are inside staying out of the cold. Blessings my friend.

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