Friday, December 14, 2007

Oy! Whatta day!

I'm taking a quilting class with Cathe of Glory Quilts and it has been a blast. My class is with several other people from my MOPS group and today we met at my house for our final class.

So, I rearranged my furniture to make room for my table to hold a bunch of sewing machines. Once everyone was here and set up, I realized I needed to move a big armchair. So, I grabbed hold, yanked it off the carpetting onto the vinyl flooring of my kitchen and....

Yep, I carved about a 3 foot long GROOVE in the floor! YIKES! Do you think the DaddyMan will notice?? I'm going to throw my creation on the table, do you think that will distract him??

Or do you think his eyes will be drawn to my OTHER blooper of the day?? The ends, where with my rotary cutter took of BOTH ends.

I think I'll go make myself a cup of peppermint schnapps with some cocoa and call it a day. cocoa with some schnapps....tough call....


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

You Lucky Dog... er maybe. I'm so sorry about your floor, and your corner... but taking a class from CATHE... WOWZA!! How neat.

Well -- now we know better how to pray for you -- don't we. Is daddyman home yet. ::SNORT::

Maybe you can distract him... got any new floor decorations? (Yeah... you know what I

Erica said...

Hmm.....I think you did it on purpose in an effort to convince daddy man that you now NEED the wood floors you want!