Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pictures from Thanksgiving

We went to visit relatives for Thanksgiving. (Yes, I know that was a full 10 days ago and I'm just now getting pictures up. I've been sick, okay? Cut me some slack!)

Oh, speaking of sick, here's the small cutie that started the whole wipe-out-the-whole-family- with-my-germs child. She's still recovering here. Doesn't she look pathetic? She should feel bad, she brought down 9 other people with her germs.

Here's Captain DaddyMan and his nephew, Small Boy, who can say the DaddyMan's name SO clearly and adorably that it melts the DaddyMan's heart and Small Boy knows it. For those of you who know the DaddyMan, blow this one up...he's SMILING! (He HATES photos and very seldom allows them and even less often actually smiles in them!)

Here's that same Small Boy and his wagon. And leaves. And yes, stickers on his face. He put them there. We aren't sure why. He's awfully cute anyway.

Oooh look....M's perked up a bit.

It's time for a field trip to the creek out back. Actually, it's not a creek, it's a branch. Small Boy's mom (the DaddyMan's li'l sis, my really cool sister in law) is a wildlife/nature genius. She knows the technical terms for such things. She knows a lot about birds too. When we found a dead one in the road, we called her and she could identify it just by description. She's really smart. She does think we're odd for examining dead birds in the street, but she knows that us homeschoolers are like that...

Anyway.... Small Boy knows the proper way to investigate the creek. Er...branch. Notice that his shoes are NOT in the water?
"Don't get muddy!" that's what the mother of three girls yelled at this point. Notice how many feet and arms it looks like A has? That amused me....

Auntie's getting her feet wet. It's okay, she's dressed for it. She says the water is COLD. I wished I'd gotten a picture of THAT face. It was funny. (giggle, snort) Anyway...she's on a hunt for crayfish and other such branch dwellers. My girls thought this was SOOO cool and all but shoved her into the water to catch them stuff. Notice the bowl that's just WAITING for something to swim in it?

Uh, oh....someone's not obeying mommy.

"Hey, get out of the water!"

Shoot, I've lost all control.... Okay, dive in, have a good time...

Obviously, it was worth their mucking. On the left is a newt. Auntie knew that, I would've called it a lizardy thing. On the right are handfull of little crawdads/crayfish/crawfish and a minnow or two and some snails. There was a bigger crawdad too which when A spotted him prompted her to yell, "OOH look! I found a lobster!!" but he'd already been set free.

A couple days later...we were home. After driving all night and puking all the way...they weren't looking QUITE so perky. "Anybody wanna go catch crawdads?" Hmm... nobody moved...


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

OK -- you must have driven a LOOOONG way for Thanksgiving -- it was snowing here girlfriend.

How NEAT!! Neat, neat photos.

You have 1 powerful little girl -- she can wipe out 9 people with her little germs. ;) Pukes are No fun... no fun atal!!

I like the naturalist... I wish I were one. We just have a lot of "thingies" in our yard. I have a creek/crick/branch/septic tank disposal that borders our yard. My kids play in it -- I'm just thinking "Lord -- help it to strengthen their immune system." Grosses me OUT!!

I'm so not a country girl. ::sigh::

Stephanie said...

Your kiddo has some powerful germs. Love the water pictures. That would so be my kid too!