Saturday, December 22, 2007


Since Christmas is days away and I'm down to just needing to make three pairs of pjs, I feel like taking a break and actually posting. It's been a busy week: I made 4 shirts for the church's Christmas Eve service and a seriously funky twirly skirt someone ordered.

The girls LOVED the twirly skirt. A went so far as to say, "Man, I wish the lady who picked out all these fabrics was MY mom!" I told her, "Gee thanks! That lady can't sew, you brat!". Yes, I really did call her a brat. Then G came thru and told me if I made HER a skirt like that she really would wear it. Hmm... Pictures will come later.


Someone told M that there are monsters in her room. She informed me the other day that "Monsters in my yoom, Mommy!" When I asked for details, I got "Monsters in my c'oset! Yook!". I didn't find any after I checked, but I've been noticing that she's been pulling open the closet door every night before bed.

In other closet news, as I was putting away laundry the other morning and standing in her closet to hang things up, she told me I needed to "get out my d'essin' 'oom, Mommy!". Apparently my diva 3 year old, has her own dressing room. Once I got out, she went in there and attempted to put on her clothes. Considering a)she shut the door completely and there's no light and b)she's not so good at getting dressed in the light, she came back out rather quickly to have me help her. Goofy girl!


M's new favorite word? Wedgie. I'm not sure who first taught her that, but lately she's been giving her own little self a wedgie and then running around yelling "I have a wedgie, I have a wedgie, I have a wedgieeeee!" The other day I pointed out that she had a permawedgie because her panties were on backwards and she yelled for her big sis...A (which sounds like A yay yay coming from her) to announce.... "I have a wedgie!"

Permawedgie... I think I invented a new word. It could be a synonym for a thong. I have a blogging friend who LOVES those and I won't link to her blog, but she knows who she is.

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Carrie said...

I think permawedgie is a great word and will likely become an acceptable slang with time. I will give you credit for it!