Sunday, December 16, 2007

Round 2

Remember my gristly tales of our trip home from Thanksgiving? And how two of my children puked for the entire 12 hour drive home?

G is at it again. She woke me crying at 5 am to tell me she was cold. A bit later, she was going to puke. And so it began. My sweet girl is getting so good at this drill that when she feels the urge, she runs to the bathroom, pulls up the step stool, sits down, leans over and, well, you know.

Needless to say, we're skippin' church. I was even prepared this morning!! I had their teachers' Christmas gifts all ready to go, I had Christmassy dresses all laid out and they were all freshly bathed last night. Shoot! Now, if I'd done NOTHING to prepare, she would've woken up healthy!

Sorry G, Mommy didn't mean to make you sick.


razorbackmama said...

Oh no!!!!!

Carrie said...

So much for being well prepared! That's what you get when we go above and beyond. Tell G that Miss Carrie sends her love and that I hope she feels better soon. said...

Poor thing! We have come full circle on the nasty bug this week too! We have all gotten and gave it to someone else! I hope your family is healthy soon!