Monday, December 31, 2007

Someone had a birthday

My A, turned 10 on Christmas. Yes, on Christmas Day. Please don't groan. She thinks it's cool to share a birthday with Jesus, get time off school and get to open presents ALL day long. She also told me this year that sometimes she's disappointed after opening Christmas presents because there was something else she really wanted for Christmas and didn't get, but then she opens her birthday gifts and ta-dah! There it is.

I really should've Photoshopped these pictures, they're a little dark. Oops. Deal with it.

Here's her present from Aunty C. That would be her aunt that makes incredibly gorgeous quilts. This book is VERY good--I love it! It's called The Quiltmakers Gift.

From us, she got the gift she was disappointed when it wasn't under the Christmas tree. Yep, another Breyer. I'm not even going to guess at how big this makes her herd.

Finally, the cake. She deliberated for MONTHS over what this year's confection would be. I had her talked into a black forest cake and I was looking forward to making a pretty, grown up cake, befitting a 10 year old. But...she decided to regress and bring back a cake she had for her 4th birthday. That was the year that she picked her birthday cake out of the Halloween edition of Parents Magazine that had come out a couple of months before her birthday.

I bring you......

The Spider Cake.

Since because she's growing up and her tastes are maturing, it's a Black Forest Spider Cake which means, between it's chocolate layers is a layer of cherry pie filling.

Yeah, spider blood and guts. Even cooler, after this sat on the counter covered by a bowl all night, the pie filling had started to ooze thru the frosting. Is there anything cooler than a bleeding spider cake?

I didn't think so.

In other news.... my biggest girl continues to bring me great joy. She's a funny kid. Very funny. She makes me laugh daily, amazes me at how smart she is in math and is my right hand helper. Occasionally she gets a bit bossy and I get an eye roll here and there, but for the most part, she's a really great kid. So great in fact that when she took her birthday money and the last 4 months of allowance money to the store to buy herself something, she spent $10 of her stash to make sure each of her sisters had something new too. What a girl! I love you A!


Cathe said...

Happy Birthday, A!

Carrie said...

Ahh. Happy late b-day Miss A! Your mom is right, you are an amazingly witty, helpful, and thoughtful kid. Much love from the Sterners!!!!

My boys would've LOVED the cake! I know what they will want next year. :)