Thursday, January 31, 2008

Aaah, winter!

It's winter here. If you're new, you don't know how much I don't like winter. I don't like to be cold, I hate the hassle of finding hats, boots, coats, gloves and everything else before we can leave the house, I don't like the mess and did I mention, I don't like being cold??

Yesterday afternoon was downright bitter. When I drove to the church to take the big kids to the evening program, it was 9 degrees out. Brr! As we pulled into the church parking lot, I noticed there were only about 5 cars there. Um...hmm...obviously the youth program was cancelled and I didn't get the memo. I was rather confused as to how that happened but decided to just turn around and go home and not ask questions.

I called a friend who's dh happens to work in the public school and when she asked what I was doing, I told her. She informed me school was cancelled yesterday, due to cold and wind chills. Oh, well, that clears my confusion right up! I guess once in a while I should crawl out from under my rock and see what's happening in the world around me!

Today, it's still winter, but it was up to a whopping 23 degrees when we went out. We went to a friend's house to go ice skating. In her backyard. How stinkin' cool is that?? They have a giant ice rink in their yard that they build every year so their ice skating and hockey loving family and practice and play.

Going ice skating involves being outside which um... I hate this time of year, but for the good of my kids I did it. I even broke out my long underwear. Actually, they're the DaddyMan's but I managed to shimmy my fat self into them and oooh baby. I think I have a new best friend. I've had these on since this morning and even tho I'm now in my nicely heated house, I'm feeling sooooo much better that I might just have to invest in a few more pairs of these to wear every day.

My next pair won't have the extra little flap and pocket in the front tho. I really don't need that feature.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm so blessed!

Either the new daylight bulbs are making a huge difference in my mood or else God's been pouring out incredible blessings on me and I'm finally realizing it or something, but these last couple of weeks have been SO wonderful!

To begin with, the DaddyMan's sister and her dh found out they're having a baby girl! Their first little girl only lived for minutes and after several years and disappointments, they became the parents of the adorable Small Boy. They've been waiting for another healthy child and truly didn't care what they got, but they're getting a GIRL and I'm thrilled for them! They're such good parents and I'm SO looking forward to being RoboAuntie and buying pink pink pink this summer!

Next I found out that my friend Erica is coming to an airport near me and after years of our imaginary/internet/phone friendship---we're going to meet in person! I'm SO excited! We've been talking on the phone almost daily for more than 5 years so this is going to be fun! She's on her way to Ethopia to adopt a small boy of her own named Silas. I'm SO excited for them with their growing family and for me. Erica knows me well and makes me laugh and knowing me, she'll do something to make me snort out loud in person just so she can laugh at me!

The third thing that happened last week was that GS bought me a Wii! Or maybe I should say he bought mii a Wii for my birthday! :D How fun for mii!

Oh and then there was the huge planner blessing that didn't just benefit me, but my whole MOPS group! I spoke at my MOPS group a few weeks ago on how to organize your life and recommended Amy Knapp's Family Organizer. I told them we could get a group discount and 20 women signed up. Then I realized that I need 36 to get the bulk discount. Doh! So after procrastinating two weeks, I called and talked to Amy herself. I told her my dilemma and she told me she had some extra organizers and since her new ones will be out in a couple months, she offered to send me a box of the 'old ones' (they're good thru 12/08) to me for the price of shipping to bless my MOPS group! I was SO excited! We will definitely be putting together a bulk order from her in the future! :D

This week, I've been blessed by eBay. I've been selling on eBay for about 8 years and I'm finally getting a good feel for it I think. My sales for spring and summer did fantastic and I've got a good nest egg to spend at garage sales this coming summer. It may be cold and nasty now, but garage sales will be back.....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cleanin' up around here.

I just spent the last little bit organizing all 152 blog posts into more tidy categories for your browsing pleasure. So now, if you'd like to read "All about me" you can click the handy dandy button on the right and read the posts that are only about that.

Or if you want to read a plethora of homeschooling posts you can click the conveniently placed "school" link over there. Okay, truly, that won't take you long. Considering how much time we spend on school, I sure don't spend any time writing about it!

Now if you really have some time, you can read all the posts that I labelled "My kids are funny". There's a bunch of those because honestly, the little varmits are always crackin' me up!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Today I cried

It started innoculously enough. I was doing school with A and G while M napped. We were sitting at the counter, enjoying hot cocoa, A was doing math and G was reading to me. And then, A burped.

Honestly, I don't know where this child acquired such a skill. Truly, she can let rip with a burp that far surpasses those of many of the guys I knew in high school. She can, on demand, let loose with such deep gutteral noises that are just so nasty and icky sounding that I'm appalled. If it weren't for the fact that she says really funny things in the middle burps and the ways she screws up her face as she's doing it, I'd truly be grossed out. She'd let out a burp and then burp "excuse me" in the very next breath.

I tried to get her to stop, because, how can I possibly raise a proper young lady when my 10 year old girl is burping like a beer guzzling college boy? As I'm trying to threaten her with more math problems for every burp,she burped, "How many Mooooom?"

About that same time, on the other side of me, my cherubic kindergartener let rip with a toot. Not just any toot, but one that sounded like it came from the same college boy that her sister was just imitating. Or a 50 year old man on a fishing trip. It was not a pretty sound and the smell drove me out of my chair between them. Of course, this display made her laugh, just like big sister's burps had, moments before.

So now my beautiful girls are both out of control. They're burping, tooting and laughing their fool heads off. They're beside themselves with glee and G was laughing so hard that she was starting to drool and doing that higher pitched out of control laugh because her amusement was so great.

And that is when I lost it.

I couldn't help myself and I started to laugh. Watching them laugh at each others gross bodily functions so hard that they couldn't breathe.... man... who could help but laugh?? Their laughter was so contagious that I let loose and totally cracked up. And then I lost control and I couldn't stop laughing either and then I was bent over double because their laughter truly infected me. Then I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my cheeks.

Sometimes, tears really are a good thing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today during school G was reading words that start with br, dr and fr. She read "Frank". The she said, "Like Frank Burns eats worms??"

Hmm...what's this child been watching on tv anyway??

Easter dresses already??

A few weeks ago I told the DaddyMan that I really needed to get started on Easter dresses. His comment? "Already??" Okay, so perhaps in the past I've kinda made frantic sewing on Easter weekend the norm, but doggoneit, this year will be different.

Last Saturday, the DaddyMan kept the girls and I went to the fabric store It was blissful. After I walked up and down every aisle touching everything and daydreaming. I set out to find the perfect fabric for dresses. I had a couple of my Austrailian Smocking and Embroidery magazines with me for inspiration and I *think* this is what I'm going to do. The yellow fabric is for Miss M "The one who looks good in yellow" and the pink is for G, little miss "I LOVE pink!"

I really like the dress on the left---except for the clown ruffle collar. That will NOT be on the dress I'm making. And while I like the smocking design on the dress on the left, I like the smocking design on the right dress better, so that's what I'm going to do. At least that's the plan. I always make a plan and then I usually dork up the first row of smocking and totally wing it from there on.

Here's one more close up of what I have planned.

Now the question becomes.... will I really have time to pleat and smock 48 rows of fabric in the next 8 weeks??

Oh, and lest you think I've forgot A, I have to take her to the store to pick her own fabric. Short of buying something with horses on it, which I know she'd love, I want her to pick her own fabric. Hers probably won't be smocked. Sniff

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Planning for the future

A while back, my girls started making plans to marry up with my dearest friend Carrie's three boys. She has 3 boys and has one that corresponds age wise to each of my girls. You may remember this post when A first wrote a letter to her intended. Carrie and I have discussed my girls' plan and have decided that it would be sweet if this arrangement worked out. Imagine how easy holiday planning would be!

But, it's come to my attention that someone who lives a bit closer to Carrie has laid to claim to G's man. As in, they want him for their baby girl. Today, as Carrie and I were discussing our childrens' futures I told her that this other woman simply could NOT try to lay claim to Carrie's Isaac a.k.a. G's future husband!

I told Carrie that I was fairly certain I could take down that skinny woman who wants my girl's man without even half trying. And just to assure my child's future spouse, I intend to tattoo my name on the bottom of each of her boys' feet so that any other mothers who give my future son-in-laws a second glance will know, they are off the market.

Mama bear does what mama bear has to do....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Is it spring yet?

I have spent most of the recent winters entertaining the idea of hibernating. You know how it works, eat yourself huge all summer and fall, sleep until the snow is gone and it's warm again, repeat. Whatta life!

Since I can't actually hibernate fully, I love to take big long naps on Sunday afternoons (and occasionally on Saturdays too). Yesterday when we went to church, it was -4 degrees. Brr. When we came home it was up to 4 degrees. It was COLD. Seriously, mind numbingly, cold.

So after lunch I tucked myself in for a nice winter's nap. I was planning on a good 3or 4 hours of hibernating. I got it and it was blissful! Sometime around 4 p.m., someone small and precious came in carrying a swimsuit and asking for me to help her put it on. Hello?? It's 4 degrees outside and um...I'm sleepin' here. Go away!

Then the DaddyMan came in. He informed me that our children were playing beach and were ALL wearing swimsuits. I informed him that he could never again tease me about the UPS guy being their father because obviously he'd passed the "impervious to cold" gene on to all three of his offspring.

Weirdos. Pass the cocoa and a quilt and I'll see you when it's above freezing.

Friday, January 18, 2008


G, age 5.5, just came to me and announced, "M (age 3) told me to go make popcorn. Can I?" now the youngest one is the one calling the shots? Interesting concept....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bad words

If you're sensitive to swear words, this post contains one. Just one...but you've been warned.


The other night when the DaddyMan was changing out a light fixture so that we can have more flourescent daylight in our house, he hit a few snags. He started saying, "Dangit!". Since once upon a time, our firstborn thought her mom's name was DangitAnge, I now answer to Dangit. (You wondered where the name of my blog came from, didn'tcha??).

Here's the scene....The DaddyMan standing on a chair in the middle of a dark room, with only the light from two doorways casting the light for him to install a new light fixture. A light fixture that does not fit the old bracket at all. Screws are being dropped, the fixture's slipping as he's trying to put in screws, the bracket's sliding and the man with a degree in electrical engineering degree is getting frustrated that his 5 minute project is taking 5 times longer than that.

After about the third, "Dangit!" I enter the room and say, "What? I'm RIGHT here, why are you yelling for me?" He's not amused at my witty self. Several more "Dangit"s escape and I respond to each one. I'm getting more amused and um...he's not.

Finally he's very frustrated and let's slip with a "Dammit!". Unbeknownest to me, A is sitting around the corner and she hears the DaddyMan's slip. If your mother's name is Dangit and you've been told multiple times in your life to 'shut it', she quickly deduced that "Dammit" is another family member.

So, A says, "G! Daddy's calling you!"

(Me sitting in a dark room next to the perturbed DaddyMan, snorted with laughter.)

G responds quickly by running into the room, "You need me, Daddy???" (I've never seen this child SO eager to help.)

I managed to choke back my giggles and tell her to never mind, I would help him and she could go back to whatever she was doing. Then I caught A's eye, saw a smirk reminiscent of her father's and told her to go find something productive to do.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mama confessional

I hate using my imagination.

I love to play with my girls. I love buying them imaginative toys--no batteries, no character toys, just good toys that require them to use their imagination and be creative.

A's been asking me to play Playmobil with her. She tells me that I need to use my imagination instead of just always playing games with her. I love to play card games and most board games. I love to help her set up Playmobil scenes.

But that's where it ends. I hate 'you be the mom' or whatever it is she wants me to play. Usually she wants me to be 4 people and 12 animals and I have to remember everyone's names. Hello?? I can't remember my three children's names! I'm just not good at that kind of play. I used to be, but somewhere I've lost the skill.

Truly, my least favorite thing to play?? Horses. My girls LOVE horses and they can spend hours upon hours with their Schleichs or Breyers. They arrange them in herds, name them all and take them on great adventures. I'm so not good at that playing horses. I find myself saying, "Mmm....this grass is yummy, come try it." or "Oh a big patch of clover!" or "Hey, let's go graze by that tree over there!"

See, I suck at this. Ugh. At least they still ask me to play, even after I let a Playmobil child fall into the lion cage at the Playmobil zoo. That didn't end well.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Customer Service

I bought A a Klutz book for her birthday. It was called Rainbow Hair and it came w/tubes of hair color so you can put streaks of blue, pink, red and yellow in your hair. Just what every tweenage girl needs, right? But, the colors didn't show up on her hair and barely on her sisters' hair. Since the front of the box said "Works on all Hair Colors!" We were totally disappointed.

I wrote a brief email to Klutz, stating my disappointment and that in the future I would reconsider buying their products. Within a day, I had a response telling me to pick out ANY book from their online store and they'd send it to me at no charge. Can you imagine?? So A picked out a horse book (big surprise there...NOT!) and within a week it was on our doorstep.

Yeah for Klutz!!

On the other end of the customer service spectrum, we have AT&T. Oh man...this one's long, get a drink and sit back...

Last fall we switched to digital phone thru Earthlink. With them, I can call anywhere for unlimited minutes a month for a low price! I called AT&T on September 17 to disconnect my service with them. Then I got an AT&T bill. And then another one. Finally in December I called AT&T and said, "Hey you're sending me bills that are getting bigger every month and I should'be be paying you 'cause you were supposed to have disconnected my phone service."

I had to repeat that story no less than 7 times over the next 52 minutes when FINALLY I got to the disconnect operator who informed me that 1)I shouldn't pay those bills 2) they should be refunding me and 3)they needed to talk to the DaddyMan who's name was on the account before they could actually DO the disconnect.

(why it took two phone calls and 52 minutes before they told me THAT tidbit is waaay beyond me, but anyway...)

Fortunately the DaddyMan was home and had been eavesdropping for the last 1/3 of my conversation. He got on the line and gave them the what for. They told him he'd be getting a check in the mail. It took him all of 5 minutes. Hmm... maybe I should learn his technique or else I'd already done the hard part.

WhooHOO! Done with AT&T! Or so we thought.....

A few days ago, I got a past due bill for $58. HUH?? "Where's my refund??" I thought.

Today, I got a bill saying they were sending me to collections to get their money. I picked up the phone and talked to three people over the course of 20 minutes and finally they inform me that they messed up and I'll be getting a $42 refund.

I'll believe it when I see it.....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

We're goin' green!

Or we're just cheap. LOL

After blowing two kitchen lightbulbs with one flick of the switch last night, the DaddyMan told me to invest in some of the compact flourescent bulbs for the kitchen fixtures. After church the girls and I took a field trip to Target to buy some (funny how a trip for lightbulbs, tp and a couple other basics cost me $75, but I digress). They had some packs of 2 bubls for $5 instead of the regular priced $5 each bulb ones so I felt like I got a good deal.

When the DaddyMan put them in, he realized I accidently bought 'daylight' bulbs which look more blue than yellow and mimic natural light. They're just like my special 'keep the mommy from getting cranky' special daylight lamp that the DaddyMan so thoughtfully bought me last Christmas and frequently in winter is heard to say, "Do you need to sit under your lamp?".

So the DaddyMan changed out all the kitchen bulbs and we were impressed with how bright it was for such little wattage! That caused the DaddyMan to go back to Target and wipe out their stock of specially priced bulbs. We now have daylight lights in the family room, dining area, kitchen and.... as soon has he's done putting up the boring old kitchen fixture in our dining-room-being-used-as-an-office, I'll have daylight bulbs in here too!

There goes my excuse to spend the winter bein' crabby!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Did you know that if you lay down on top of your resident DaddyMan, who's lounging on the couch and tell him that his smell reminds you of your favorite grandpa, it doesn't make him all warm and fuzzy inside?


When I went to snuggle the DaddyMan, I had a flashback memory of my Grandpa Norm. He was the best grandpa ever! And he used to give great hugs, unlike the Vulcan death grip I got from the DaddyMan after I informed him how he smelled and he told me to go find something else to do.

I guess I won't tell you my most recent thoughts on male nose hairs. That might get me in trouble.

Happy New Year!

Okay, yes, I know, I'm late. Again. Get used to it. :P

We had some friends over to celebrate New Year's Eve with us. They brought their laptop so our kids could figure out how to get into each other's Webkinz rooms. Happily the kids all did figure out how to party in one room and at one point, my A's pet was bathing in their son J's bathtub. Until he accidently sent her home. Oops! We parents thought it was funny that while they're all sitting in the same room, they were so excited to be in the same Webkinz room with their pets. Um...okay....

Here's how the techno-geeky kids celebrate the New Year.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another M-ism

This child of mine is so precious. All the time. I really need to remind myself of this so that even when she says certain things, I will still think she's precious.

"You hab di-a-yee-ah, Mommy?"

Monday, January 7, 2008


Today the temperature, outside, went above 60 degrees, which when a few days ago it was in the 20s, brought up some pretty awesome late afternoon thunderstorms and tornadoes, too.

The DaddyMan came home from work and announced we were under a tornado warning. Really?? That explained the funny noise from outside. Yeah, the tornado siren. Oops. I was talking to a friend on the phone and the storms were actually supposed to be worse at her house 30 miles west but she wasn't concerned either. The lightening display outside the front window was REALLY incredible. I love watching a good storm and today's was impressive.

G decided to be scared about the potential of a tornado so we went to the basement to play. Very shortly the DaddyMan hollered that he could see a funnel cloud out the window. So, like good Midwesterners, we ran upstairs to see! A small finger like funnel cloud was dropping out of the clouds, but quickly went back up. COOL!

A little later, after the most serious storms had passed, I went into that little room where I've spent so much time the last few days. The phone rang and since the DaddyMan doesn't like to talk on the phone, he brought it to me and from my not-a-Lazyboy, I answered. It was his boss, calling from farther north, making sure we were okay. I assured him that we were. He's such a nice guy that he even inquired about my health, asking how I was feeling since the DaddyMan had told him about our lousy weekend. I assured him I was doing better.

I did not tell him where I happened to be sitting while we were chatting. That's 'need to know' and he doesn't 'need to know' that I was 'needin' to go'.

Back to the grind

Today, even tho I'm in day 4 of feeling reallllly lousy, we started back into our normal routine. We're getting back to school which was entertaining after a three week break.

Thankfully, G can still read. Although, the sentence "Shhh! Sit Tip!" gave her such trouble that I um...laughed out loud. Thankfully she doesn't know what the word she said means. :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Musings

I still don't feel well. I really wish I did, 'cause the laundry's piled up, I'm in my last pair of semi-clean pjs, the floor's gritty and there are messes everywhere. If I'm going to skip church I feel like I should either be sick enough to stay in bed or else productive. I'm not quite either.


Miss M is being a terror this morning. I don't know if she's about to get sick or just tired of being cooped up too. I wish I could channel her energy into vacuuming. The floor sure needs it.


Two of M's favorite words right now are 'actually' and 'also'. It cracks me up every time I hear her little three year old self use them.

"Me play also?"

"Me go also?"

"Me actually cold. Me need blanket."

There are more, but you get the drift. She doesn't use pronouns properly, but she uses actually and also. Silly girl. She also says "remote". The DaddyMan thinks that's the most important one to know.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oops, I got it again...

We've been hit again. Some nasty virus, bug, plague or curse has taken over our house. The DaddyMan came home from work early on Thursday 'cause he felt so dreadful. By that evening I was feeling rather pukish. But A beat me to the punch and christened her bedroom carpet. I'm wishing now we had tomato soup colored least in her room. Anybody have tips for getting that stain out??

A few hours later, G decided to join in the pukefest. Bless her little heart, she hit the garbage can and became Mommy's favorite. By morning, I was making frequent 'runs' to the bathroom and we all felt like a bunch of rubber chickens energy-wise.

Well, except for M. M is fine. Totally fine. Fine as in she still wants people to feed her. And when just the thought of f o o d is makin' me gag she wants more. Thankfully the DaddyMan stayed home yesterday too and helped keep her and the others fed. M also wants people to play with her. I told her this morning that Mommy didn't feel well and needed to lay down. She told me that I could play Little People and lay down, "like dis" and she demonstrated how I could lay on the floor to play.

Bless her healthy little heart. I'm going back to bed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a new year

What is it about the New Year that encourages and inspires us so much? Is it resolutions and goals? The idea that finally...THIS year will be the one that we organize the house/teach our children the proper way to behave/lose weight/whatever else??

Already this morning I've done 30 minutes on the elliptical and worked on organizing my basement. I also have plans to finally write up a daily chore chart for my kids to follow every morning and plans to spend more time todayworking on getting rid of some of that junk that's taking over my basement. I've eaten a small bagel for breakfast as part of my getting healthy plan and I've calmly addressed a couple of discipline issues in the girls. As soon as I have a quiet time and a shower, it will have really been a productive day!

Because, THIS is the year that I'm going to get things in order around here...physically, spiritually, etc, etc.. This is the beginning of a new year, a new me, a new ..... everything!

Of course, by next week, I'll probably be sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth and eating chocolate at a rapid rate, but for today.... I'm takin' it ALL on!