Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another M-ism

This child of mine is so precious. All the time. I really need to remind myself of this so that even when she says certain things, I will still think she's precious.

"You hab di-a-yee-ah, Mommy?"


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

HA HAA!! It probably sounded so sweet in her little M'ish voice.

Do you like to hear funnies, when you tell funnies?? Who cares?? I'll tell you one anyway.

Danielle: "What are we going to watch?"

ME: "Diary of Anne Frank."

Danielle: (Look of utter horror on her face) "WHY???"

ME: "Why what??" (Totally puzzled)

Danielle: "Why would we watch her diarrhea?"

I think I'll go blog that one... thanks for the inspiration.

Carrie said...

You gotta love those little ones and all the funny things they say. Kiss her sweet brown cheeks for me!!!