Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bad words

If you're sensitive to swear words, this post contains one. Just one...but you've been warned.


The other night when the DaddyMan was changing out a light fixture so that we can have more flourescent daylight in our house, he hit a few snags. He started saying, "Dangit!". Since once upon a time, our firstborn thought her mom's name was DangitAnge, I now answer to Dangit. (You wondered where the name of my blog came from, didn'tcha??).

Here's the scene....The DaddyMan standing on a chair in the middle of a dark room, with only the light from two doorways casting the light for him to install a new light fixture. A light fixture that does not fit the old bracket at all. Screws are being dropped, the fixture's slipping as he's trying to put in screws, the bracket's sliding and the man with a degree in electrical engineering degree is getting frustrated that his 5 minute project is taking 5 times longer than that.

After about the third, "Dangit!" I enter the room and say, "What? I'm RIGHT here, why are you yelling for me?" He's not amused at my witty self. Several more "Dangit"s escape and I respond to each one. I'm getting more amused and um...he's not.

Finally he's very frustrated and let's slip with a "Dammit!". Unbeknownest to me, A is sitting around the corner and she hears the DaddyMan's slip. If your mother's name is Dangit and you've been told multiple times in your life to 'shut it', she quickly deduced that "Dammit" is another family member.

So, A says, "G! Daddy's calling you!"

(Me sitting in a dark room next to the perturbed DaddyMan, snorted with laughter.)

G responds quickly by running into the room, "You need me, Daddy???" (I've never seen this child SO eager to help.)

I managed to choke back my giggles and tell her to never mind, I would help him and she could go back to whatever she was doing. Then I caught A's eye, saw a smirk reminiscent of her father's and told her to go find something productive to do.



~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I can not believe no one has commented on this yet -- I've always wondered about your name. TOO FUNNY!!!

Now -- go wash your mouth out with soap... or something.

AND -- photos... I want to see PHOTOS of that snowman eating snake!!

Are you cold up there? It's 8° right now. I'm gonna go stoke the fire. Ü

corefoundations said...

OH! This was a good one. Glad I came by for a visit!

alittlemoore said...

That is funny! Thanks for my daily chuckle!