Monday, January 14, 2008

Customer Service

I bought A a Klutz book for her birthday. It was called Rainbow Hair and it came w/tubes of hair color so you can put streaks of blue, pink, red and yellow in your hair. Just what every tweenage girl needs, right? But, the colors didn't show up on her hair and barely on her sisters' hair. Since the front of the box said "Works on all Hair Colors!" We were totally disappointed.

I wrote a brief email to Klutz, stating my disappointment and that in the future I would reconsider buying their products. Within a day, I had a response telling me to pick out ANY book from their online store and they'd send it to me at no charge. Can you imagine?? So A picked out a horse book (big surprise there...NOT!) and within a week it was on our doorstep.

Yeah for Klutz!!

On the other end of the customer service spectrum, we have AT&T. Oh man...this one's long, get a drink and sit back...

Last fall we switched to digital phone thru Earthlink. With them, I can call anywhere for unlimited minutes a month for a low price! I called AT&T on September 17 to disconnect my service with them. Then I got an AT&T bill. And then another one. Finally in December I called AT&T and said, "Hey you're sending me bills that are getting bigger every month and I should'be be paying you 'cause you were supposed to have disconnected my phone service."

I had to repeat that story no less than 7 times over the next 52 minutes when FINALLY I got to the disconnect operator who informed me that 1)I shouldn't pay those bills 2) they should be refunding me and 3)they needed to talk to the DaddyMan who's name was on the account before they could actually DO the disconnect.

(why it took two phone calls and 52 minutes before they told me THAT tidbit is waaay beyond me, but anyway...)

Fortunately the DaddyMan was home and had been eavesdropping for the last 1/3 of my conversation. He got on the line and gave them the what for. They told him he'd be getting a check in the mail. It took him all of 5 minutes. Hmm... maybe I should learn his technique or else I'd already done the hard part.

WhooHOO! Done with AT&T! Or so we thought.....

A few days ago, I got a past due bill for $58. HUH?? "Where's my refund??" I thought.

Today, I got a bill saying they were sending me to collections to get their money. I picked up the phone and talked to three people over the course of 20 minutes and finally they inform me that they messed up and I'll be getting a $42 refund.

I'll believe it when I see it.....


Zachariah said...

Give it to 'em girl and hubs. Let us know if you see the money or they send you a new book. :)

Jenny said...

Boy, do I feel your pain. AT&T is totally crazy. I hope they double your refund check!