Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Easter dresses already??

A few weeks ago I told the DaddyMan that I really needed to get started on Easter dresses. His comment? "Already??" Okay, so perhaps in the past I've kinda made frantic sewing on Easter weekend the norm, but doggoneit, this year will be different.

Last Saturday, the DaddyMan kept the girls and I went to the fabric store It was blissful. After I walked up and down every aisle touching everything and daydreaming. I set out to find the perfect fabric for dresses. I had a couple of my Austrailian Smocking and Embroidery magazines with me for inspiration and I *think* this is what I'm going to do. The yellow fabric is for Miss M "The one who looks good in yellow" and the pink is for G, little miss "I LOVE pink!"

I really like the dress on the left---except for the clown ruffle collar. That will NOT be on the dress I'm making. And while I like the smocking design on the dress on the left, I like the smocking design on the right dress better, so that's what I'm going to do. At least that's the plan. I always make a plan and then I usually dork up the first row of smocking and totally wing it from there on.

Here's one more close up of what I have planned.

Now the question becomes.... will I really have time to pleat and smock 48 rows of fabric in the next 8 weeks??

Oh, and lest you think I've forgot A, I have to take her to the store to pick her own fabric. Short of buying something with horses on it, which I know she'd love, I want her to pick her own fabric. Hers probably won't be smocked. Sniff


ThoughtfulMom said...

Very pretty.

At least while you are procrastinating those 48 rows of smocking, you can get A's easy dress sewn up and out of the way - or will that be what you are doing at 3am on Easter Sunday?

Have I mentioned that I'm r.e.a.l.l.y thankful that I have boys?

Cathe said...

Very pretty!

Sarah said...

Ooooohh! That looks like fun! I wish I could sew CLOTHES....I guess I can just wrap a quilt around Chloe for easter, would that be cute?! I laugh everytime I'm at Ericas and you call, its fun to background talk. I'm really not mad AT you for being able to meet the little guy before me, just jealous! WE all can't wait for him to come home. I think Erica has ants in her pants, and just going nuts that its right around the corner that she will have another child running around her house. It WILL be fun! Hope you 2 have fun finally meeting!

Erica said...

LOL! 48 rows eh? Well lets see if you start Sunday that will give you 8 weeks or 56 days so if you sew a row a day you can do it with some time to spare for the ones you dork up. ;)