Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm so blessed!

Either the new daylight bulbs are making a huge difference in my mood or else God's been pouring out incredible blessings on me and I'm finally realizing it or something, but these last couple of weeks have been SO wonderful!

To begin with, the DaddyMan's sister and her dh found out they're having a baby girl! Their first little girl only lived for minutes and after several years and disappointments, they became the parents of the adorable Small Boy. They've been waiting for another healthy child and truly didn't care what they got, but they're getting a GIRL and I'm thrilled for them! They're such good parents and I'm SO looking forward to being RoboAuntie and buying pink pink pink this summer!

Next I found out that my friend Erica is coming to an airport near me and after years of our imaginary/internet/phone friendship---we're going to meet in person! I'm SO excited! We've been talking on the phone almost daily for more than 5 years so this is going to be fun! She's on her way to Ethopia to adopt a small boy of her own named Silas. I'm SO excited for them with their growing family and for me. Erica knows me well and makes me laugh and knowing me, she'll do something to make me snort out loud in person just so she can laugh at me!

The third thing that happened last week was that GS bought me a Wii! Or maybe I should say he bought mii a Wii for my birthday! :D How fun for mii!

Oh and then there was the huge planner blessing that didn't just benefit me, but my whole MOPS group! I spoke at my MOPS group a few weeks ago on how to organize your life and recommended Amy Knapp's Family Organizer. I told them we could get a group discount and 20 women signed up. Then I realized that I need 36 to get the bulk discount. Doh! So after procrastinating two weeks, I called and talked to Amy herself. I told her my dilemma and she told me she had some extra organizers and since her new ones will be out in a couple months, she offered to send me a box of the 'old ones' (they're good thru 12/08) to me for the price of shipping to bless my MOPS group! I was SO excited! We will definitely be putting together a bulk order from her in the future! :D

This week, I've been blessed by eBay. I've been selling on eBay for about 8 years and I'm finally getting a good feel for it I think. My sales for spring and summer did fantastic and I've got a good nest egg to spend at garage sales this coming summer. It may be cold and nasty now, but garage sales will be back.....


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

WooHoo!! How neat.

I'm going to rejoice with those who are rejoicing!! I'm not even jealous either -- I wouldn't want to talk in front of people, or be organized enough to do e-bay. So -- you GO girl!!

I would love to be an aunt again... but my 10mo niece is recent enough that I'm still not jealous! LOL

YEAH!! Praise God!

(Gotta go find me some of them bulbs) ;)

alittlemoore said...

God is awesome! Glad you are feeling blessed this week!

Cathe said...

God is good! I am so glad you are having a good week! Happy birthday!