Monday, January 21, 2008

Is it spring yet?

I have spent most of the recent winters entertaining the idea of hibernating. You know how it works, eat yourself huge all summer and fall, sleep until the snow is gone and it's warm again, repeat. Whatta life!

Since I can't actually hibernate fully, I love to take big long naps on Sunday afternoons (and occasionally on Saturdays too). Yesterday when we went to church, it was -4 degrees. Brr. When we came home it was up to 4 degrees. It was COLD. Seriously, mind numbingly, cold.

So after lunch I tucked myself in for a nice winter's nap. I was planning on a good 3or 4 hours of hibernating. I got it and it was blissful! Sometime around 4 p.m., someone small and precious came in carrying a swimsuit and asking for me to help her put it on. Hello?? It's 4 degrees outside and um...I'm sleepin' here. Go away!

Then the DaddyMan came in. He informed me that our children were playing beach and were ALL wearing swimsuits. I informed him that he could never again tease me about the UPS guy being their father because obviously he'd passed the "impervious to cold" gene on to all three of his offspring.

Weirdos. Pass the cocoa and a quilt and I'll see you when it's above freezing.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...


I too took a LONG winter's nap yesterday.

I swear my body stores up fat getting ready for winter. There is no other explanation. LOL

Here I go to work off some of that insulation... with CATHE on Fit TV!! Ugh... (That stands for Oh God Help!)


Good Morning Sunshine!

Beth in NC said...

Wooooo! I bet you've got SOME electric bill!!! Or maybe that's an oil bill....or a natural gas bill...or, or...What DO you all heat with up there in the frozen tundra?

DangitAnge said...

Last month's gas/electric was $264 I think that's the highest it's been since we moved here! The furnace, water heater, and stove are gas. :)

Sharon said...

I am always freezing and everyone else is swaeting!!! Craziness! Hibervation works for me.