Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mama confessional

I hate using my imagination.

I love to play with my girls. I love buying them imaginative toys--no batteries, no character toys, just good toys that require them to use their imagination and be creative.

A's been asking me to play Playmobil with her. She tells me that I need to use my imagination instead of just always playing games with her. I love to play card games and most board games. I love to help her set up Playmobil scenes.

But that's where it ends. I hate 'you be the mom' or whatever it is she wants me to play. Usually she wants me to be 4 people and 12 animals and I have to remember everyone's names. Hello?? I can't remember my three children's names! I'm just not good at that kind of play. I used to be, but somewhere I've lost the skill.

Truly, my least favorite thing to play?? Horses. My girls LOVE horses and they can spend hours upon hours with their Schleichs or Breyers. They arrange them in herds, name them all and take them on great adventures. I'm so not good at that playing horses. I find myself saying, "Mmm....this grass is yummy, come try it." or "Oh a big patch of clover!" or "Hey, let's go graze by that tree over there!"

See, I suck at this. Ugh. At least they still ask me to play, even after I let a Playmobil child fall into the lion cage at the Playmobil zoo. That didn't end well.


Cathe said...

I bet you did it on purpose.

Hannah said...

hey Angela don't feel bad at teenager age thats what u do with Barbies Polly pockets etc.wen u r board you set up the hole thing then u either put it away or u them attacked all with stuffed animals or u just have them go crazy and stuff you would fit in well 8-)

P.S. my mom made sure i spelled everything right she said remember homework with Angela i said oh yeah

Carrie said...

Ok just for the record, I didn't read her post, I only made her correct the ones that were underlined. I can see that proofreading would have been helpful. Spelling is still unimportant to my girl. Thank goodness for spell check.

Oh well, there is my disclaimer.

Melissa said...

I kill off all my people/animals as quickly as possible. Oops. Sorry. Guess I don't get to play anymore.