Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Musings

I still don't feel well. I really wish I did, 'cause the laundry's piled up, I'm in my last pair of semi-clean pjs, the floor's gritty and there are messes everywhere. If I'm going to skip church I feel like I should either be sick enough to stay in bed or else productive. I'm not quite either.


Miss M is being a terror this morning. I don't know if she's about to get sick or just tired of being cooped up too. I wish I could channel her energy into vacuuming. The floor sure needs it.


Two of M's favorite words right now are 'actually' and 'also'. It cracks me up every time I hear her little three year old self use them.

"Me play also?"

"Me go also?"

"Me actually cold. Me need blanket."

There are more, but you get the drift. She doesn't use pronouns properly, but she uses actually and also. Silly girl. She also says "remote". The DaddyMan thinks that's the most important one to know.


Cathe said...

I guess I haven't seen you recently enough to blame you for my bout with this virus or flu or whatever it is, but it sounds like the same thing. I just had Pat buy cheapo carpet cleaner... I'll let you know how it works. Later. As soon as I feel well enough to use it.

Cathe said...

oh, and that's why I didn't get the quilt info together for you in time. I am sorry. I'll work on that... maybe after my nap.