Monday, January 7, 2008


Today the temperature, outside, went above 60 degrees, which when a few days ago it was in the 20s, brought up some pretty awesome late afternoon thunderstorms and tornadoes, too.

The DaddyMan came home from work and announced we were under a tornado warning. Really?? That explained the funny noise from outside. Yeah, the tornado siren. Oops. I was talking to a friend on the phone and the storms were actually supposed to be worse at her house 30 miles west but she wasn't concerned either. The lightening display outside the front window was REALLY incredible. I love watching a good storm and today's was impressive.

G decided to be scared about the potential of a tornado so we went to the basement to play. Very shortly the DaddyMan hollered that he could see a funnel cloud out the window. So, like good Midwesterners, we ran upstairs to see! A small finger like funnel cloud was dropping out of the clouds, but quickly went back up. COOL!

A little later, after the most serious storms had passed, I went into that little room where I've spent so much time the last few days. The phone rang and since the DaddyMan doesn't like to talk on the phone, he brought it to me and from my not-a-Lazyboy, I answered. It was his boss, calling from farther north, making sure we were okay. I assured him that we were. He's such a nice guy that he even inquired about my health, asking how I was feeling since the DaddyMan had told him about our lousy weekend. I assured him I was doing better.

I did not tell him where I happened to be sitting while we were chatting. That's 'need to know' and he doesn't 'need to know' that I was 'needin' to go'.

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Cathe said...

LOL... good midwestern girl. And I WAS concerned. I unplugged my laptop and my iron and went downstairs to knit and chat on the phone!