Friday, February 29, 2008

Thinking globally

Or not.

Our homeschool group is planning an 'international night' dinner. Everyone is to bring a dish representing their favorite country or something they've studied recently. I'm in a quandry about what to take. (Of course if G's 103 degree fever continues, it's going to be a moot point....)

I was throwing out several ideas at dinner and came upon the idea of just taking little hamburgers and playing "Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood. After all, right now we're studying mostly American history.

A took it one farther, "Why don't we just stop at McDonalds on the way and pick up a bunch of burgers?"

Wouldn't THAT be fun? I bet they'd get eaten..... ;)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gettin' ready for a teenager

I was on the ball the other day. As the girls were eating breakfast this morning, I concocted a baked ravioli to bake for supper that night. Yep, it was 8 am and supper was all made. I felt like I was really on top of things for once!

Anyway, as I was pillaging the fridge looking for that 1/2 jar of spaghetti sauce I knew was in there, I found a 1/4 bag of fresh spinach. So added that to one of the layers of my baked ravioli.

A caught me.

"You're putting SPINACH in there?? Shoot, another dinner, ruined," she said dramatically.

Then she asked, "What's for breakfast tomorrow?"

Summer time

Since winter's draggin' on and on, I'm starting to dream of summer. Okay, what it really means is I went thru the girls' summer bins (again!) to see if there's anything I need to make or buy. This includes shoes. I have issues with summer shoes.

I really hate open toed sandals for my kids. It's not that I don't think they're totally adorable, I think I just have issues.

Do you remember either riding your bike or running down the street in the summer, in your sandals or flip flops and you'd stumble and stub your big toe? And that big circle flap of skin would get rubbed off and just be hangin' there?? And you'd run cryin' to your mom and she'd set you on the counter and insist on getting out the biggest scissors she owned and want to whack off that piece of skin after pulling on it slightly so she could cut off the whole thing?? And it hurt SOOO bad and you'd be screamin' and flailin' and she'd yell at you to sit still and be quiet? Or was that just my mom??

I know I can't be the ONLY child who had that happen every.single.summer.

Of course, I'm trying to get past it. I bought M some adorable little red gingham and strawberry sandals at Target the other week to go with all the super de duper cheap Gymboree strawberry and gingham stuff I got on clearance last fall. But, so help me, if I have to pin her down to cut off that flap of skin when she's wearing them..... I will cry along with her.


The other day on a grocery run to Aldi with the girls, we heard someone on the radio tell us that your breakfast cereal should have at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. So, when we got to Aldi, we read all the cereals and picked this week's box based on that criteria. We wound up with raisin bran. (ick!) I also have the criteria that sugar or corn syrup can't be one of the first 2 ingredients (yeah, I know, I'm incredibly lax...).

Fast forward a week or so to Friday night. It had been a long week, I was tired, feeling the need to be alone, dreading the DaddyMan being gone yet another Saturday morning and we were in need of groceries. When the DaddyMan came home and asked what my plan was for the evening, I told him that I wanted to go out to dinner and then we could all go to the big grocery store and get it over with.

After 14 years of marriage, he's learned something. He said, "Okay." (God is good!)

After a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse, we headed to the big grocery store. This is the store that the girls and I often spend 2 hours and $200 in. It's tiring! It's a much much much better place to shop when you have another grown up to drive the other cart (even if he did crash into my heels once!) and help entertain the children.

When we got to the two big cereal aisles, A reminded me of the "3 grams of fiber, not just sugar" rule and we started perusing the boxes. We didn't find much that was on sale AND met the criteria. The DaddyMan spotted his favorite, Golden Grahams, so I read the box--1 gram of fiber and either the first or second ingredient was sugar. I put it back on the shelf and we continued on our way.

Later that night, after the 300 bags of groceries were put away and the girls were in bed, the DaddyMan needed a snack (he should've eaten more of the delicious rolls at Texas Roadhouse like me--I was still full!). I caught him looking in the pantry and he asked where I'd put the Golden Grahams. "What Golden Grahams?" He thought I bought them and I explained again the new cereal criteria.

He was rather um...aghast. "You mean I took you to dinner, helped you grocery shop, paid for all these groceries and I still don't get MY favorite cereal???"

"Um...yeah. It sure sounds bad when you put it THAT way."


Oops. I guess I should've bought him one box of the sugar he loves....

Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm not allowed to take up new hobbies and really, quilting's not new actually, since it's really just sewing straight lines and I've been doing that for years.

This will be M's quilt for her big girl bed (that she's been sleeping in for oh, 6 months. I hope to have it done before she graduates high school. I have 23 more of these to make. Cathe of Glory Quilts helped me figure out how much fabric to buy to make this. She's a genius! She's also available to teach quilting classes. Check out her website and prepare to be amazed!

And this is G's Easter dress. I'm not done smocking it yet. I hope to have it done in about 1 month. I also need to make her sisters' dresses. I have more hope for these than I do for the quilt.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eatin' crow

Sometimes you have to go back on what you said. You know, like when you accuse your kids of losing Mr. Hooper and you realize that you actually planned ahead and put him and Susan in a nice little plastic bag and stashed him out of their reach? Yeah, you have to apologize.

Sometimes, you have to go back on things like, "I hate binkies" as well. Like when your third born child has such a severe reaction to her first round of penicillan and breaks out in full body and mouth hives and the only way you can get her to sleep after several days of vomiting and diarrhea is to either let her suck off your nipples or to give her the dreaded binky? You go with the binky.

You know the binky, the one we last saw in about October of 2006, here?

Then yesterday, after we unearthed the one from under the couch, a small girl came running to find me screaming, "OOOOOH! It's my binky!!". She was full of such joy that I couldn't find it in me to tell her how gross and dirty it was before she had the chance to do this:


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I lost Mr. Hooper

Actually, I didn't lose him, I'm blaming this one on M and G who took my 'on eBay' vintage Fisher Price Little People sets off the counter and into the other rooms to play. A few hours later, I scooped up all the pieces and set these vintage gems up high until it was time to ship them off to their new homes.

That time was yesterday and I quickly realized that Mr.Hooper was missing. So was Susan. And the houseboat family AND their furniture. G managed to find their table and a chair, but nothing else.

This led to a full out, reach into the cracks of all the furniture (Eww!), look behind all the furniture and my personal favorite, move all the furniture search for the missing pieces. When we moved the couch in the tv room, we needs to fire the maid around here. The first words out of my mouth were "Look, it's a binky!". Then I asked the DaddyMan what that little blue blob at his end was and he said he didn't wanna know. After inspection, I'm pretty sure it was once a gummy candy of some sort. It's hard to tell now.

Since I have a tiny bit of pride, I'm only sharing this one photo---the big 'shows it all' picture was a bit too real and none of you would want to come to my house if I showed you that. But, here's a small sampling of the treasures under my couch.

Yep, there's the binky, a marker with it's lid neatly attached to the wrong end, some red fabric that I don't remember making anything from, a popcorn kernal, a hair, a nickel, a pencil, Diego's laptop, a small circle wthat came with a magnet and a clear plastic connector from a glow in the dark necklace. Oh and a wooden dowel. I wonder what that's from.

You know how some people believe in carbon dating? Around here, we can do 'under the couch dating'. M was my binky baby. Considering that she is now 3.25 years old and knowing she gave up her binkies for good around 2 years quick math.... that binky's been under there just under a year and a half. Ick.

And that glow in the dark necklace connector? We used those necklaces on Fourth of July. 2006. Um... that was 19 months ago. Double ick.

Considering we moved into this house in March of 2005 and I don't really think of a time I did move this couch...that could really explain all the stuff I found.

Sadly, I didn't find Mr.Hooper under there. I guess that means I'll have to act out a scene from Mommy Dearest later today while we search upstairs.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost in the abyss

We're going to start finishing our basement. (Is that an oxymoron??) So... I need to do some serious cleaning. We don't refer to it as eBay hell for nothin'. Truly, a month ago it looked like a children's resale shop puked down there and right now it's a bit better. A big garage sale would REALLY be a help right now!

So far I've taken out 4 bags of trash, a huge box and two bags for Goodwill, two boxes to mail to friends back in Iowa and I found some things that made me say, "Oh! So that's where that went!".

I'm also sorting thru fabric. I love fabric. Truly, I could probably sew for two years without buying any more fabric (shhh--don't tell the DaddyMan!). I have some to get rid of and some to fondle and fold and put neatly on a shelf.

I have extra homeschool books, a rocking chair and enough ball pit balls for a good sized pit. I need to figure out where to put all those too.

And then....we can start the finishing. :D I'm excited!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Got milk?

One family trying to support the Wisconsin dairy industry all by themselves.

(Truthfully, there was a really good yogurt sale and I stopped at the store three times to stock up. The five gallons of milk are just a typical week around here, but that much yogurt isn't.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

For Everything Else....

Building a close friendship with someone you met online: 6 years and hundreds of dollars in phone bills

Missed chances to meet previously: 3

How many really bad pictures were taken before getting this one: about a dozen

Being there when your 3 year old taught one of your dearest friend's newly adopted son to do this:

Suzy Homemaker

I'm having some friends over later, so I'm cleaning house. Funny how you find more dirt if others are going to be in your home. As I noticed a huge amount of dust on the doorjab I made a comment about how filthy it was.

A agreed, "Wow, someone should fire the maid!"

Since I am the maid, I had to agree. "You're right, somebody should train the children to do all the work around here!"

A reconsidered, "Oh right....we should definitely keep the maid!"

In other cleaning news.... yesterday at naptime, M didn't go right to sleep. I could hear her thumping and bumping around so I went upstairs to tell her to go to sleep. That's when I noticed this:

Yep and it's a poopy diaper, even. Someone small and precious, decided to poop in it, instead of going across the hall to the potty and then removed it herself, put on clean panties and went back to bed after disposing of the upleasant smelling thing in the hallway for housekeeping to pick up.

Yeah, firing this maid and training the children is lookin' better all of a sudden.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

There was a little girl.....

who had a little curl,
right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good, she was very very good
but when she was bad, she was horrid!

I tried a technique to give A's hair long lasting, spiral curls. It came out pretty cute...

Didja notice that little um, horn sticking up on top? She liked that and wouldn't let me fix it. Yeah baby, she's into havin' her own style.

As for long lasting curls, by the time we went to church on this 4 degree blustery day, then to the grocery store and then home, her hair was merely wavy. Shoot! For the work I put into this 'do of hers, it should've lasted about 2 weeks, not two hours!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy lights!

Remember last month, when I shared about the new compact flourescent light bulbs we installed? I posted about it here. According to last month's bill, we used 965 kWh of electricity and this month, drumroll please....... we used 729 kWh. That's a $17 savings! :D

Another 2 months and they'll pay for themselves. In the meantime, I'm in a better mood! :D And a lower electric bill definitely puts me in a better winter mood!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Kids are pun-ny

Tonight at dinner, we were discussing vegetarians and after several minutes of answering yes or no to the foods the girls were naming, I tried to simplify by saying, "They don't eat anything that has a face."

A thought for a very brief moment and asked, "Well, can they eat lettuce??"

"Yes dear."

"But lettuce has a head!"

A little bit later, the DaddyMan was trying to get her to sing the notes he was playing on the piano. After several attempts, he came to me and said, "She's tone deaf like you." (Oh sure, blame MY genes!)

A overheard and came back to tell him, "I'm not tone deaf. Mom says I can't use that tone with her!"

Man...this chick is quick!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Tonight at bedtime, G couldn't get her shirt off. She yelled, "I have issues!!".

M replied, "Lotsa issues!"

Snow day!

We're getting snow....lots of snow. They say it could be 16 inches before it's all done. Have I mentioned yet today that I'm really tired of winter?

My next door neighbor's trying hard to scoop out his driveway. There are 20 mile an hour winds, lots of big wet snow and that lovely big mess that the plow leaves at the bottom of everyone's driveway. I just hollered out the door and offered to let him use my snowblower. (Before you think I'm overly generous, notice I did not offer to snowblow for him.)

I told him he was welcome to use it, since I didn't need to, since I don't have to go anywhere today. (Aaah, it's a great life I have!) He turned my offer down. Bummer for him!

After I closed the door, A said, "I could make it so we HAVE to go to the emergency room today."

I reminded her that I know how to sew and I'm fairly confident I could sew her up myself.

She informed me that I'm in the running for worst mom of the year. Again.

I told her to go do her math. Bwhahahaha! (and I didn't tell her that all the other schools are having the third day off in two weeks today).

Friday, February 1, 2008

Not sure what to call this...

It's either how we encourage our girls to love one another or just a wii workout.