Friday, February 8, 2008

Kids are pun-ny

Tonight at dinner, we were discussing vegetarians and after several minutes of answering yes or no to the foods the girls were naming, I tried to simplify by saying, "They don't eat anything that has a face."

A thought for a very brief moment and asked, "Well, can they eat lettuce??"

"Yes dear."

"But lettuce has a head!"

A little bit later, the DaddyMan was trying to get her to sing the notes he was playing on the piano. After several attempts, he came to me and said, "She's tone deaf like you." (Oh sure, blame MY genes!)

A overheard and came back to tell him, "I'm not tone deaf. Mom says I can't use that tone with her!"

Man...this chick is quick!

1 comment:

alittlemoore said...

Oh my! You better be on your toes with her! Haha! She is a riot!