Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost in the abyss

We're going to start finishing our basement. (Is that an oxymoron??) So... I need to do some serious cleaning. We don't refer to it as eBay hell for nothin'. Truly, a month ago it looked like a children's resale shop puked down there and right now it's a bit better. A big garage sale would REALLY be a help right now!

So far I've taken out 4 bags of trash, a huge box and two bags for Goodwill, two boxes to mail to friends back in Iowa and I found some things that made me say, "Oh! So that's where that went!".

I'm also sorting thru fabric. I love fabric. Truly, I could probably sew for two years without buying any more fabric (shhh--don't tell the DaddyMan!). I have some to get rid of and some to fondle and fold and put neatly on a shelf.

I have extra homeschool books, a rocking chair and enough ball pit balls for a good sized pit. I need to figure out where to put all those too.

And then....we can start the finishing. :D I'm excited!

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