Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The other day on a grocery run to Aldi with the girls, we heard someone on the radio tell us that your breakfast cereal should have at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. So, when we got to Aldi, we read all the cereals and picked this week's box based on that criteria. We wound up with raisin bran. (ick!) I also have the criteria that sugar or corn syrup can't be one of the first 2 ingredients (yeah, I know, I'm incredibly lax...).

Fast forward a week or so to Friday night. It had been a long week, I was tired, feeling the need to be alone, dreading the DaddyMan being gone yet another Saturday morning and we were in need of groceries. When the DaddyMan came home and asked what my plan was for the evening, I told him that I wanted to go out to dinner and then we could all go to the big grocery store and get it over with.

After 14 years of marriage, he's learned something. He said, "Okay." (God is good!)

After a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse, we headed to the big grocery store. This is the store that the girls and I often spend 2 hours and $200 in. It's tiring! It's a much much much better place to shop when you have another grown up to drive the other cart (even if he did crash into my heels once!) and help entertain the children.

When we got to the two big cereal aisles, A reminded me of the "3 grams of fiber, not just sugar" rule and we started perusing the boxes. We didn't find much that was on sale AND met the criteria. The DaddyMan spotted his favorite, Golden Grahams, so I read the box--1 gram of fiber and either the first or second ingredient was sugar. I put it back on the shelf and we continued on our way.

Later that night, after the 300 bags of groceries were put away and the girls were in bed, the DaddyMan needed a snack (he should've eaten more of the delicious rolls at Texas Roadhouse like me--I was still full!). I caught him looking in the pantry and he asked where I'd put the Golden Grahams. "What Golden Grahams?" He thought I bought them and I explained again the new cereal criteria.

He was rather um...aghast. "You mean I took you to dinner, helped you grocery shop, paid for all these groceries and I still don't get MY favorite cereal???"

"Um...yeah. It sure sounds bad when you put it THAT way."


Oops. I guess I should've bought him one box of the sugar he loves....


ThoughtfulMom said...

HA! My DH has a thing for Golden Grahams, too. I indulge him every once in a while.

alittlemoore said...

I can't keep golden grahams in the house either. I am the one who occassionally needs the sugar fix!

Cathe said...

You definitely lose Good Wife points. ;)

Get Mom's Best cereal. It's healthier.

In our house, the saying is "The Early Bird Gets the Marshmallow Cereal!"