Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow day!

We're getting snow....lots of snow. They say it could be 16 inches before it's all done. Have I mentioned yet today that I'm really tired of winter?

My next door neighbor's trying hard to scoop out his driveway. There are 20 mile an hour winds, lots of big wet snow and that lovely big mess that the plow leaves at the bottom of everyone's driveway. I just hollered out the door and offered to let him use my snowblower. (Before you think I'm overly generous, notice I did not offer to snowblow for him.)

I told him he was welcome to use it, since I didn't need to, since I don't have to go anywhere today. (Aaah, it's a great life I have!) He turned my offer down. Bummer for him!

After I closed the door, A said, "I could make it so we HAVE to go to the emergency room today."

I reminded her that I know how to sew and I'm fairly confident I could sew her up myself.

She informed me that I'm in the running for worst mom of the year. Again.

I told her to go do her math. Bwhahahaha! (and I didn't tell her that all the other schools are having the third day off in two weeks today).

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