Monday, February 11, 2008

Suzy Homemaker

I'm having some friends over later, so I'm cleaning house. Funny how you find more dirt if others are going to be in your home. As I noticed a huge amount of dust on the doorjab I made a comment about how filthy it was.

A agreed, "Wow, someone should fire the maid!"

Since I am the maid, I had to agree. "You're right, somebody should train the children to do all the work around here!"

A reconsidered, "Oh right....we should definitely keep the maid!"

In other cleaning news.... yesterday at naptime, M didn't go right to sleep. I could hear her thumping and bumping around so I went upstairs to tell her to go to sleep. That's when I noticed this:

Yep and it's a poopy diaper, even. Someone small and precious, decided to poop in it, instead of going across the hall to the potty and then removed it herself, put on clean panties and went back to bed after disposing of the upleasant smelling thing in the hallway for housekeeping to pick up.

Yeah, firing this maid and training the children is lookin' better all of a sudden.


craftaddictconfessional said...

I'm rather amused that she changes herself. L will just stagger over, bowlegged, and say, "I need to go potty." Yeah, you did two minutes ago!

alittlemoore said...

At least she didn't take it out of her diaper and bring it to you. Trust me, leaving it in the hallway is a better deal!