Monday, March 31, 2008

Just layin' around....

I know some of you are dyin' to know how life with our new addition is. And in my never ending quest to be just like the uber cool, Ree, I must post more frequent pictures of our dear Piper.

This is how Piper's doing. She looks like this a lot of the time.

And if you zoom in, she looks like this:
(isn't she CUTE??)

Occasionally, tho, Piper gets up. She's getting to be an even bigger girl and I think it's time we have a little chat about ladylike behavior, don't you?

But then, it's nap time again. I wonder what made her pick this rather uncomfortable spot?

Oh right..... three children eating themselves into a sugar induced Easter candy coma. Maybe, just maybe one of them will drop something.
I really doubt she'll beat them to it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What is going on in your head?

Last night G and I sang a lovely duet of Sandra Boynton's Singing in the Shower . This morning, G started singing it again and a few minutes later, I was too.

Then I said, "Ugh! That song's stuck in my head again!"

G informed me, "It's not in my head. Wanna switch heads?"

If you don't have the Sandra Boynton cds, I highly recommend them. They're not your typical annoying kids cds--there are some fun songs with fun lyrics. We own all of them and listen to them again and again. Generally, there's one song per cd that we don't love and have to skip but overall, they're really good! :D

Friday, March 28, 2008


Yesterday I was telling the DaddyMan that my friend was coming over today and bringing her 3 year old granddaughter.

A, who was sitting nearby said, "How old is Mrs. T's 3 year old grand..... Oh wait. Never mind."

Sheesh honey, if I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times: If you're going to eavesdrop--Listen!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 years

Yesterday marked three years ago that I moved to Wisconsin from God's country--Iowa. It's been an adjustment, but we're making it.

Three years ago, I had a small baby and now I have a terrific preschooler who's talking up a storm and keeping me on my toes.

I had a yard full of mud and no driveway when we moved into this house and now I have grass, a cool stamped driveway and a down-payment on a fence for the backyard.

I still have the unfinished basement that's longing to be a useable space but now, we have a drawing of what we want to do with that space. If only we had the time to work on it.

Three years ago, I had three wonderful kids and a motivated husband. Now, I have three wonderful kids, a very hard working, pilot husband AND a dog.

Three years ago, I called my house "The ugly house" and while I feel still that it's very boring on the outside, there's always something interesting going on inside. And my kitchen is blue. That's fun.

Three years ago, it snowed the day we moved in.'s snowing too.

I hear it's spring in Iowa. And the DaddyMan has to wonder why I miss my homeland. ;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What M learned from Easter

We watched the movie, "Enchanted" this morning (silly overnight rental!). Near the end, the princess gets poisoned and the prince kisses her to bring her back to life. M, was snuggled on my lap and during the scene, she solemnly informed me, "People no come back '(a)live, only God!"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Aaah, what a blessed Easter! I got up feeling excited that it wasEaster and remembering Jesus's great sacrifice for ME. And the fact that our God is SO big and powerful that He's even bigger than death. What a wonderful thing! He is risen indeed! Worship this morning was wonderful. The DaddyMan played his bass and he'd warned me that it'd be 'rockin'' and it was. It was awesome!

I also felt a weight off my shoulders 'cause I didn't have any last minute sewing to do this year! That too shows there's a God! :D

Here are all three of my cherubs this morning before church. Did you know if you get up and get ready before the kids are up, you actually have time to take photos unhurried before you need to hurry out the door? :D

A's dress I finished two weeks ago! It's (I think) a Hannah Montana pattern. That round neckline is cute, but man...whatta pain!

Here are the little two. M's feeling affectionate. I'm not sure what G's feeling. No pain, it looks like. :P
Here's G in her dress. I followed a pattern for the smocking of hers and um...she's a bit short for this many rows of smocking. Oops. Next year I'll let the hem down and it'll fit better, I think. She loved it so I guess it's okay. :)

And here's M. This is the child who yelled, "Blech" every time I showed her her new dress. Stinker. Hers of course fits well and went together the fastest. Figures. :P

Here's a close up of the smocking on hers. This was a fast pattern but I'm thinking I should add some buillion roses(GULP!) or something to jazz it up a bit.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I'm done I'm done I'm done!!

The Easter dresses are done!! They just need a trip thru the washer and a visit from the iron and they'll be ready for tomorrow!

I've never be done more than 12 hours early! ROTFL!! :D

And now, it's time for my nap!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Friday joy!

G's Easter dress just needs buttons and it will be done!! I'm so stoked! A's dress I finished almost 2 weeks ago, which was a new personal best for me and the fact that I have TWO dresses almost done TWO whole days before my Easter morning deadline... WOW! I'm good!

Of course, M's is done being smocked and presently pinned to my ironing board to be sewn together tomorrow. I can do that after I cut out all the other pieces for it. Yep, I'm a procrastinating queen!

And then there's the issue that me and two of the girls have low grade fevers which means we may not be healthy enough to go to church on Sunday anyway. Or the fact that we're supposed to get up to FOURTEEN inches of snow tonight which may send me into hibernation until the first time it hits 80 degrees may also delay my finishing the project.

Pictures will be coming when the girls are healthy enough to stand being photographed in their sundresses without shivering and creating blurry photos. Hopefully that's some time before August but I'm not holding my breath.

Smart Alek!

A finished her math book a couple of weeks ago, so we started a new one. We've been testing to see where we need to start doing daily lessons and learning new stuff instead of the reviewing that comprises 1/2 the book.

The other day we learned about pi and how to calculate the circumference of a circle. She didn't get it and I told her we'd have to go over it again.

Her response, "It's okay Mom, now I'm two years ahead, so it's okay if I flunk a year."

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Breathe in, breathe out

After yesterday's rant, I had to sit down and breathe a few minutes and then I called my neighbor. She had no idea how her kids were treating the dog. When we hung up she was planning a serious talk with her children. I'm glad. I know they're good people and if my kids were treating the hairy beast like that, I'd want someone to tattle on them too. Sometimes it's hard to suck it up and do what needs done but after a few deep breaths and whispered prayers, you just get 'er done.

Breathing's a bit of a challenge right now. I've got a nasty cold/flu/hacking cough/stuffy head thing AGAIN! I'm SO ready for spring. I've lost track of how many times we've been sick this winter and it's getting really old!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Tuesday afternoon rant

Now that I own a dog, I'm free to rant about bad dog owners. Before, when I didn't have a dog, I couldn't 'cause that was like when I *thought* I was a perfect parent, back before I had kids.

We brought home Piper on Saturday. As we took her out of the van, the neighbor's one year old black lab dog came charging into our yard and scared the holy bejeezers out of poor Piper. They have children that are around 12 and 8 who were watching the dog at the time. Their method for keeping the dog in their yard is a shock collar. So, when the dog runs out of the yard, the girls will hold the button on the shock collar until the dog is lying, yelping on the ground. Then with it's tail between it's legs, it will go back home while they scream at it to "COME!!". I feel SO bad for this dog.

This afternoon, the DaddyMan was walking Piper in our back yard when their dog once again, ran into our yard and hit dh in the side of the leg and made him FALL ON THE GROUND! He's wretched his back and is wondering if he's got a bruised rib! I'm SO annoyed! First off, because they don't put the poor beast on a leash and because they electrocute it AFTER it's out of the yard which isn't teaching it ANYTHING!

I can rant about this--I took 4-H dog obedience classes with three different dogs while I was in jr. high and high school. My dogs won EVERY year! (okay, corgis are really smart so that helped!) Train your dog or keep it on a leash!!

My other rant, now that I have a dog is people who don't pick up dog doo! AAARGH! I really want a sign for my yard that says "RIP Here lies the remains of the last dog who crapped in my yard." I have one of the two biggest dogs in the 'hood. I'm cleanin' up the biggest piles. If I can do it, so can everyone else!!

A man's best friend

Yesterday afternoon, the DaddyMan came home not feelin' so well. So he laid on the floor and Piper decided quickly to snuggle up beside him. In a few minutes, one of them was snoring.

The DaddyMan wasn't amused when he discovered I'd taken his picture and made some not-so- kind threats to me. I threatened to hide his cough medicine.

Considering this picture, guess who won. ;)

Monday, March 17, 2008

A girl's best friend

We've now had this puppy for a full 48 hours. I think she's settling in nicely. M's getting used to her....

G views her as yet another warm body with ears that can be talked to....

And this one....this one is so smitten with the new hairy beast that she didn't even MENTION the word 'horses' until today! I think we have a new record here, people!

And after all this love and attention, this is how Piper still prefers to spend much of her time.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our family grew!

We grew four more feet! Our baby's not a little baby, by any means, she already weighs more than G and M (who only weighs 3 lbs less than her big sister). She thinks she's a little dog tho, and should therefore sit on your lap. She likes both mine and the DaddyMan's. It's cute now, but probably won't be when she gets to her adult size of somewhere between 130 and 150lbs.

She's an English Mastiff and her name is Piper. We were thinking of the Piper Meridian airplane when we named her, but then someone asked if she was named after the pastor and author and really smart guy, John Piper and um....yeah, maybe we should've thought of him. The DaddyMan and I got a really good laugh that we didn't think of him considering the fact that DaddyMan listens to his sermons EVERY day while he's working out on the elliptical!

Since several people have asked if we planned this addition to our family, the answer is yes! The girls got a bunch of money at Christmas time and opted to pool it together for a dog. So, techincally she belongs to them. We also had to plan the 6 hour drive to pick her up from the breeder. M got tired. Isn't she cute? Hmm...speaking of planning...... we planned the dog more than we planned Miss M. We're so glad we have both Miss M and Piper and sincerely hope that they're both completely housebroken and obedience trained soon. ;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tastes like chicken

The other day, A painted her sisters' toes. They're a rainbow. As G sat w/me doing school earlier this week, I made a comment about her skinny little chicken feet with their pretty toes.

Then I lifted up her foot so I could admire the paint job and she screamed, "Nooooo! Don't eat me!!"
Goofy girl! Didn't she know I just wanted to admire her itty bitt adorable little toesies before she goes and gets any bigger on me?? I mean honestly, I know my 5.75 year old little dear with her size 9 feet is not going to stay this little forever. Sniff....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We were out and about today and G noticed a conversion van that had a ladder up the back. She asked what it was for. I told her it was so you could climb up and put things on top of the van.

"Like what?" she asked.

A chimed in, "Like luggage and dogs and annoying little sisters."

(I probably shouldn't have laughed, but I did. Really hard.)

Monday, March 10, 2008

We need to get out more.

We spent 8 straight days cooped up while the girls took turns having fevers. Then they progressed to a lovely cough and runny noses and all around not feeling well. By last Friday, we NEEDED to get out of the house in a big way! So, I pulled out some free Happy Meal coupons the kids had earned in a reading program and we hit the drive-thru. (Yep, that's as 'out' as we got!)

My poor sheltered little dears really had a good time with their Happy Meals. Their cheap-o mom generally makes them order off the dollar menu and doesn't buy them fries, so this was a treat.

I mean, seriously, who needs a toy when you get a BOX??

G started it:

M needed a couple of tries to get it right:

And someone else has a head that's a bit too big.

The funnest part of the Happy Meals tho, was how I scared the holy bejeezers out of the DaddyMan by throwing the ugly monster Happy Meal toy at him while he dozed on the couch. Oh man....THAT was funny!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dry clean only

That's what the tag said. It said that right after "100% cotton." I know that 100% cotton might shrink some if washed, but honestly, THIS much??

What is wrong with you?

The good news is: the honey worked!! I gave each of my two little germfests a teaspoon of honey at bedtime and I didn't hear any coughing all night long! WhooHOO! A full night's sleep for all of us.

The bad news is: they're still sick. Isn't my little grumpy snot covered cherub just adorable? Oh right...maybe not. And this picture is probably making her Grandma B gag. (Sorry!)

In an effort to cheer the troops this morning or maybe because random things just pop into my head sometimes, I started singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" this morning at breakfast. Someone was less than thrilled with my singing.

When I finished the song, A wanted to know where I learned it. I told her that I learned it in school and that we sang it for the Christmas concert.

"But why? That song is SO not true! Why would they teach you that??"

Hmmm...spout off about public schools or go read a book to G?

I'm off to read.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We caught a bug

Miss G's been running a fever since last Thursday. She then shared it with M and together they've morphed it into a non stop cough and runny nose gig. They're quite a pair.

Last night I left them with the DaddyMan so I could go to a meeting at church. G gave me the rundown of their evening today.

"We watched TWO movies and then Daddy drugged us and put us to bed."

Tonight, I'm tryin' straight honey for their coughs. Delsym isn't even touching it!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Locks o' Love

Three years ago, just before we moved here, A had 10 inches cut off her hair to send to Locks of Love. Now, three years later, it was time to cut it again. :)


Yesterday's post shows the front of her new 'do and here's the back:

A wasn't totally sure she was ready to cut it off, so like the good mom that I am, I bribed her.

Yep, hair color. I bet by 18 she'll be one of those goofy pink hair kids.....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I will praise the Lord

This is my precious big girl who this morning sang in church and then recited, "Praise the Lord all my soul, I will praise the Lord with all my heart. I will sing praise to my God as long as I live." She did it perfectly and made her mama proud in the process. And that's my prayer for her--that all her life she would give God praise for everything she goes through in life. I'm so blessed to be her mom.