Monday, March 31, 2008

Just layin' around....

I know some of you are dyin' to know how life with our new addition is. And in my never ending quest to be just like the uber cool, Ree, I must post more frequent pictures of our dear Piper.

This is how Piper's doing. She looks like this a lot of the time.

And if you zoom in, she looks like this:
(isn't she CUTE??)

Occasionally, tho, Piper gets up. She's getting to be an even bigger girl and I think it's time we have a little chat about ladylike behavior, don't you?

But then, it's nap time again. I wonder what made her pick this rather uncomfortable spot?

Oh right..... three children eating themselves into a sugar induced Easter candy coma. Maybe, just maybe one of them will drop something.
I really doubt she'll beat them to it.


Mary (craft addict) said...

She's such a sweetheart! My Ava loves to lay on feet. Not such a big deal since she's only 12 pounds.

Carrie said...

Love these shots. Man Piper looks bigger already. Can't wait to meet her!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought puppies were excitable! Does she lay around all day like that? She isn't puppy hyper?

Beth in NC

Kim said...

Piper is so cute! Our dog falls asleep in the weirdest spots too. He was once bottom and back legs don the chair, front paws on the ground and head on the ottoman. We just laughed and laughed.