Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another day

At MOPS today, G's teacher did face painting. A managed to find time to 'help' in that room and got her face painted too. I thought it looked really great!

I did not get a picture of the dolphin that A painted on G's face tho. Ooops. Tonight at bedtime I told them to be sure to wash their faces and I gave A instructions on just what to use. When I checked a bit later, I noticed G's dolphin wasn't completely gone. I told her to hold still so I could scrub it off.

She informed me, "I washed it off with my toothbrush. It turned my toothbrush blue."


In other bits o' yumminess today, Grandma B sent a box of goodies. In it was a bag of taffy. A immediately popped one in her mouth and moseyed away. A minute later she was back, holding a bloody kleenex and a molar. Apparently, when she bit into the taffy, it pulled the tooth that was so barely loose I couldn't tell when she tried to show me, right out! She thought that was a far superior way to pull teeth than the old 'wiggle 'em to death' method.


alittlemoore said...

I lost a molar due to caramel once, I have to agree it was much less painful than the wiggle it to death :)

Cathe said...

That is WAY cool face painting.

I am leaving town for a week or so... see you when I get back!